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Avalon facility
Follow up sent to Department of Internal Affairs by K.I. Davis on .
I'm sorry to hear that you were sick - I hope you're feeling betting now. Thanks for the response. I've found the DIA's responses to OIA requests...
Thank you for the information on which process to monitor. Yours sincerely, Iola Haggarty
Thompson & Clark
Response by University of Otago to Alex Harris on .
Dear Alex In response to your email of 19 June 2018, I advise that the University of Otago has not identified any information relating to, or provided...
Dear P Lamborn, Please find attached the Ministry of Health's letter of response to your recent OIA request for documents referenced in a previously...
2 Plus 1 Road Layout Assessment
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Andrew Riddell on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Andrew Thank you for letting us know about the missing appendices. Please find attached the updated Business Case as requested. We will also up...
Corrections Amendment Bill s7 report
Response by Ministry of Justice to BAW Russell on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Russell,   Please find a response attached in regards to your query.   Kind regards, Julia     [1]
No new information on the matter was provided which is disappointing. This suggests either no further action has been taken by the Ministry of Health a...
Photos taken in Wellington on 9-13 October
Request to New Zealand Police by stuart yeatse. Annotated by stuart yeatse on .
Partially successful.
About a week ago I got this update: Dear Dr Yeates Official Information Act investigation – 467908 Decision on request for photos and video footage...
Good afternoon,   Please see attached correspondence from the Department of Corrections.   Kind regards,     Ministerial Services Natio...
MBChB RRAS graduate entry information
Response by University of Auckland to Angela Cheng on .
Dear Ms Cheng   I refer to your request of 31 May. The University's response follows.   Please provide the following information for RRAS gradu...
Thanks again for your excellent service - I've used the info on the Defence budget cut to write this blog post
Good afternoon   Please find attached our response to your OIA relating to gender dysphoria services.   Kind regards Andrea     Andrea...
Review of double bunking assessment protocols
Follow up sent to Department of Corrections by BAW Russell on .
Thank you for your response. I can successfully view the attachment, but having tried to download the file repeatedly it crashes. Can you email the...
Mr Lock In response to your OIA I can tell you the following in an updated response to the letter I sent dated 22/02/18 which was in response to your...
Thompson & Clark
Response by Central Plains Water Trust to Alex Harris on .
Dear Mr Harris, Thank you for your request for information under the LGOIMA. The answer is that the Central Plains Water Trust does not hold and ha...
Thanks for helping As a result of the information gleaned, I have published this blog post on the RNZAF Beechcraft King Air KA350s https://...
Environment Canterbury Act 2016
Response by Ministry for the Environment to H Goertzen on .
Dear H Goertzen Please find attached our letter of response to your request below. Regards Mary Mary Carrington, Senior Advisor Executive Relations...
Thompson & Clark
Response by New Zealand Security Intelligence Service to Valerie Morse on .
Part two. Yours sincerely, Privacy Officer
I thank Commodore Smith for the timely response to my request; however, I note that there is no notation within NZDIA's 2017 event prospectus that a...
Policies on discrimination
Response by WorkSafe New Zealand to Rich Aitken on .
Awaiting classification.
Thank you for contacting WorkSafe New Zealand. This email is to confirm that we have received your correspondence. If your correspondence relates to...
Unredacted copy of cabinet paper
Response by New Zealand Defence Force to Andrew Riddell on .
Awaiting classification.
Good morning Mr Riddell   Please find attached a response to your request for information:   Regards   Corporate and Ministerial Services OCDF,...
OIA response time statistics
Response by Ministry of Health to Mark Hanna on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mark Please find attached our letter in reply to your OIA request along with spreadsheet of data. Kind regards Nick Allan Manager, OIA Ser...
Cost of Rainbow police car launched for Pride festival.
Request to New Zealand Police by A S Docherty. Annotated by Ms Cullen on .
Partially successful.
Put some rainbow colours on a car = social capital or likes or retweets or people thinking you care
Good morning Wendy   Please find attached a response to your two OIA requests of 22 May 2018.   Regards   Penny Loomb Personal Assistant...
Dear Gloria   Please see the attached Waitemata DHB response to your recent request under the Official Information Act.   Kind regards Matt...