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    [1]New Zealand Raewyn Thomson Police Logo Ministerial Services Advisor | Executive and Ministerial Services | New Zealand Police Ext: 44126...
Commissioner Sign Off on investigations
Follow up sent to Independent Police Conduct Authority by JennyM on .
Thank you Yours sincerely, JennyM
Copy of Professional Distance Policy 2008 onwards
Response by Independent Police Conduct Authority to JennyM on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon The Authority does not have a 'Professional Distance Policy'. Pieter Roozendaal Manager: Complaints Independent Police Conduct Autho...
Information on Brain Leslie Everton
Response by Whanganui District Health Board to billie paki on .
Awaiting classification.
Happy to help - Regards Trish
Grandparenting Special Benefit with Studylink
Follow up sent to Ministry of Social Development by Lee M. on .
Partially successful.
Referring to your reply, you state a client currently receiving Special Benefit will need to test their eligibility, however, you have not told me w...
Application of OIA and PRA to Otakaro Ltd
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to Chris Gousmett on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Gousmett,   Please find attached a response from the Chief Archivist to your recent Official Information Act request.   Kind regards,...
Crime Free Schools Project
Response by Hutt City Council to Alice Collard on .
Partially successful.
Hello Alice.   Please find attached a response to your enquiry dated 8 August 2016.   Regards   Mary Hewett   Mary Hewett Group Execut...
Thank You for your reply. I see that I may have not asked a couple of questions clearly enough and they could be taken in the wrong context. I se...
Thank you for providing the link to the National Interest Analysis. Yours sincerely, Simon Johnson
Advice on plumbosolvency
Response by Christchurch City Council to Paul Bagrie on .
Dear Paul,   Please find attached a response to your queries.   Kind regards, Anna  
The company did tell me that they have sent Auckland Transport the response for the above complaint number. Just wanted to read what response could the...
Dear Dr Shaw Apologies for the links not working - the files are attached. There were submitters in each year. Regards Mike Nield Director Corporat...
Use of CRM software by Work and Income
Request to Ministry of Social Development by Keith Bolland. Annotated by D. J. Weal on .
Partially successful.
The 50 page response from the Ministry of Social Development is not legible. Is this intentional? How does one obtain a legible copy?
Good afternoon,   On behalf of Peter McCarthy, Chief Legal Adviser, please see attached a transfer of the first two bullet points and a response o...
Hi Richard I can confirm that the response is correct. The information we provided you was as at 2 August 2016 (the date we processed your request), a...
159 Victoria RD
Response by Ministry of Education to DARCY MCNICOLL on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mr Stowers   Please see attached your OIA Response 1011621 This is 2 of 2   Thanks Enquiries National Team | Ministry of Education ^TW...
Wanganui Road - Watermain Reneal and Reconstruction
Follow up sent to Rangitikei District Council by Robert Snijders on .
Partially successful.
My requests also asks for the road reconstruction costs too. Please provide that information as well. Yours sincerely, Robert Snijders
Portrait spending
Response by Reserve Bank of New Zealand to Beryl Beauchamp on .
19 August 2016   Ms Beryl Beauchamp   Email: [FOI #4400 email]     Dear Ms Beauchamp   On 9 August you made a request via email and p...
Good afternoon Dr Shaw   On behalf of Neil Walker, please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request.   Thank you  ...
Good afternoon Tony   As requested, here is the link to the GWRC 2016 Pre-Election Report on the Greater Wellington Regional Council website.  ...
Total number of licenced pharmacies in NZ
Response by Ministry of Health to WGRH on .
Dear Dr Harrison Please see attached a response to your recent request for official information (ref H201603006)   (attachment to letter) Yours...
Simpler Fares - Consultation Results
Follow up sent to Auckland Transport by Dan Hawke on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your reply. I note that there are a large number of comments in the Just Add Lime document regarding Isthmus/City boundaries - yet th...
Vodafone Xone startup accelerator
Response by Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment to IP Expert NZ on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear IP Expert NZ Thank you for your email received on 16 August regarding the Official Information Act response you received about Vodafone xone. Ca...
Working used for MMP Review LSQ results.
Response by Electoral Commission to Keri Henare on .
Dear Keri Thank you for your emails of 15 and 16 August 2016 requesting the following information under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act):...
NZ Drug Harm Index
Response by Ministry of Health to Kyle Sutherland on .
 Dear Kyle Sutherland, Please find attached the response to your request for information under the Official Information Act 1982. Kind regards,...