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Good afternoon, Please find attached our response Kind regards Tourism New Zealand
Mayor and Councillor attendance this term
Follow up sent to Wanganui District Council by aimee w on .
This is excellent - thank you so much! Yours sincerely, aimee w
Fairway Resolution Limited
Request to Accident Compensation Corporation by Lee M.. Annotated by Lee M. on .
The Ombudsman determined that Fairway had to provide me with a copy of its Reviewers Training Manual. This decision opens the way for other requesters...
    [1]New Zealand Raewyn Thomson Police Logo Ministerial Services Advisor | Executive and Ministerial Services | New Zealand Police Ext: 44126...
Dear H Hutchison   On behalf of Christina Goodall, Manager, Stakeholder Relations, I attach her response to your Official Information request of 1...
Cost of water fluoridation.
Request to Ministry of Health by Connie Winslow. Annotated by Danyl Strype on .
Partially successful.
The Sapere report referred to in the text can be found here:
Reasons for MRTD SSL CA revocation
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to Cody C on .
Dear Cody C   Please find attached the response to your OIA request   Yours sincerely   Adrienne Watkin | Advisor | Identity & Passport Ser...
Tutor hiring
Response by Victoria University of Wellington to Beryl Beauchamp on .
Hello Beryl, Please see attached response to your Official Information Act request of 26 June 2016. Thank you. Simon Barr Legal Counsel Victori...
Very happy with the response. It's great to finally have the rationale for the change clearly stated in public, and I think they've realised that in th...
Thank you so much for sending me this information, and in such a timely manner. Much appreciated, and all the best! Yours sincerely, aimee w
Drivers Licenses Issued
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Daniel McInteer on .
Dear Daniel   Please see the attached spreadsheet, and letter from Sue Hardiman, Manager Customer Access, in response to your Official Information...
Letter from Hon Bill English, Minister of Finance attached. Katy Greco-Ainslie Private Secretary to Hon Bill English Deputy Prime Minister, Minister...
Thank you for supplying me with the information. Yours sincerely, Paul Kelly
Debt Recovery Processes
Response by Inland Revenue Department to Lisa Marriott on .
Good afternoon Ms Marriott, Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request, received by Inland Revenue on 15 June 2016....
Use of social media monitoring tools by Police
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Thankyou for your response to my recent OIA request. I note that you have withheld information on pricing of these tools as it is "private informati...
Statistics on seclusion
Response by Capital and Coast District Health Board to Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
  -- This email or attachment(s) may contain confidential or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the addressee(s). Any use,...
Remuneration and Performance Policy
Follow up sent to Accident Compensation Corporation by P.A Hamill on .
Thank you for your time in sourcing this information. Kind Regards, P.A Hamill
SCU staffing
Follow up sent to Accident Compensation Corporation by P.A Hamill on .
Thankyou for your time in supplying this information. It was very informative. Kind Regards , P.A Hamill
Good Afternoon Mr Hanna   Please find attached correspondence from the Department of Corrections.   Regards   Ministerial Services Team N...
Statistics on seclusion
Response by Canterbury District Health Board to Alex Harris on .
    Kind regards   Kathleen Smitheram   Canterbury District Health Board and West Coast District Health Board Project Facilitator, Planni...
Costs of Navy's 75 Birthday
Response by New Zealand Defence Force to Valerie Morse on .
Good afternoon Ms Morse   Please find attached a response to your OIA request:     Regards   Corporate and Ministerial Services Office of the C...
Australian offshore dentention centres
Follow up sent to Prime Minister by Emma Cullen on .
Awaiting classification.
Can this please be refined down to the past 12 months July 2015-July 2016. Yours sincerely, Emma Cullen
Acupuncture Treatment Subsidies
Response by KiwiRail to Mark Honeychurch on .
Good afternoon Mark,   We are writing in response to your request under the Official Information Act 1982 for the following information:   “Go...
Dear Mr Harris Due to an administrative error, we sincerely apologise that you did not receive your response of 8 June 2016. Please find attached your...
Thank you for the reply containing the originally-computed "final" price data from the 26'th of March 2011. As before the "govt" became "qovt" but...