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Tactical Options Reporting Data January-June 2018
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Mark Hanna on .
Tēnā koe, Thank you for your response. Could you please clarify for me if NZ Police have not broken down the 10-12 hour estimate into how much time...
Have contacted ombudsman about all the S 2(6) refusals
No longer need to pursue as issue defacto confirmed. Please see below articles to join the dots.
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Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by H Rogers on .
Dear Mr Fountain Thank you for your reply. On 27 September 2018 at a CPD course, I questioned Snr Sgt Tara Griffin on the following. "2.2 License...
Thanks for that. I will pass all these s 2(6) refusals onto the Ombudsman. Will see how they define it. Yours sincerely, Hugh Davenport
Source of Paragraph in 380 Research Paper
Response by Earthquake Commission to Jake Preston on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mr Preston   On 13 July 2018, your Official Information Act request regarding drafts of section 5.2.3 ‘Rebuilding Foundation’ in the ‘Guidanc...
Cost of enforcement
Request to Queenstown-Lakes District Council by Annie Weston. Annotated by Oliver Lineham on .
In reference to the spam (now deleted), this is due to the agency putting the normally-secret email address on the letter that was scanned into an imag...
False Name Illegal Action Basis For Efficacy
Follow up sent to Ministry of Social Development by Gregory Soar on .
Information not held.
Thank you for the response. It confirms that there is no evidence held by MSD to support this abuse of clients rights. I have a few more informat...
The response to this followup request will be useful if you want to take this to the Ombudsman. 11.3 (d) of the user agreement allows release of confid...
Information about whether Police were informed about a crash
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Hugh Davenport on .
Information not held.
Thanks Barry for that. Yours faithfully, Hugh Davenport
Note to FYI record   Our records indicate that the Department of Internal Affairs provided response to this request on 12 June 2018, using this em...
Prepared Media statements
Response by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to Andrew Crow on .
Information not held.
    [IN-CONFIDENCE]   Kia ora Andrew,   Please see the attached letter regarding your recent OIA request.   Ngā mihi, Anna.   Min...
Information regarding a Red light Campaign
Request to Wellington Regional Council by Hugh Davenport. Annotated by Hugh Davenport on .
Information not held.
Response is at
Tēnā koe Mr Landy Please find attached a response to your two requests. Nā mātou noa, nā Official and Parliamentary Information team | Ministerial a...
Food safety
Response by Damien O'Connor to Chris on .
Information not held.
Dear Chris, Thank you for your email we received 11 February, in which you submitted an Official Information Act request to the Hon Damien O’Connor....
Origin of 1080 bait components.
Response by Animal Control Products Limited to T. Benseman on .
Dear T.Benseman Please see the earlier email (4 February) regarding commercial confidentiality. The product our suppliers provide meets New Zealand i...
They actually did end up having policies on this, which was sent privately in another request. They follow the AUSTROADS standards (can get it online)...
Needing information about a stolen vehicle
Response by Ministry of Transport to Judena Ormsby on .
Information not held.
Judena   Good afternoon   Please see attached letter in respect to your Official Information Act request relating to CCTV footage   Regards  ...
Complaint has been sent to the Ombudsman
Ross   Good afternoon   Please see attached letter with respect to your Official Information Act request with respect to the Christchurch Civic Cr...
Response by Ministry of Health to Daryl Trask on .
Dear Mr Trask Please find attached a response to your request for information. Yours sincerely OIA Services [Ministry of Health request email]  ...
Talkgroup Identification
Response by New Zealand Police to Neens B on .
Dear Neens B   I have been asked to send this attached response.     Ngā mihi   Ministerial Services Police NationalHeadquarters ====...
Official information LGOIMA time to reply
Request to Auckland Transport by Hemant. Annotated by Mark Hanna on .
Since this request was refused, the Office of the Ombudsman has published a guidance document on "Information not held" that is pretty explicit in clar...
The Hidden Job Market
Follow up sent to Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment by Allen Reynolds on .
Information not held.
many thanks for your prompt and helpful reply even though MBIE do not collect the information I requested, that is 'a data point' and, they hel...
Mr Sutherland Please see attached. [1] | Building Places for People   References Visible links 1. http://www.otakaroltd....