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Please see Information posted in Tony Hay OIR No. 1 before proceeding. Further Background: My name is Tony Hay and I am the owner, along with my...
Information about processing liquor licenses
Response by Rotorua District Council to Ankush Konde on .
Information not held.
Thank you for making contact with the Rotorua Lakes Council. Emails are processed Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm and you can expect a response...
Archives risk register
Request to Department of Internal Affairs by Edward Pellew. Annotated by Daymond David Goulder-Horobin on .
Hello, was this request referred to the ombudsman? Otherwise I will look into it as I am wanting to clarify the risk registers in case of natural disa...
It appears media have stated a number of charges have been made against those prisoners and therefore the police have no right to refuse aspects of thi...
Numbers of rough sleepers in Auckland
Response by Megan Woods to R S Grant on .
Dear Mr Grant,   Please find attached a response from Hon Dr Woods. Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to you.   Yours si...
Olfactory injury from covid testing
Response by Ministry of Health to Brian Sandle on .
Information not held.
Kia ora,   Please find attached a response to your official information act request   Ngā mihi    OIA Services Government Services Offi...
Mr Greenhalgh   “Dear New Zealand Police, I wish to enquire and hopefully receive a list of the vehicles you hold at Wellington Central Police st...
Ref: 2021-1311   Dear Prabhjot,   On behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment I acknowledge your email of 19 January 2020...
CCTV Footage of car incident
Response by Hamilton City Council to Mahdiya on .
Information not held.
Kia ora   I refer to your information request of 7 January 2021, Hamilton City Council is able to provide a response.   You requested:   D...
Citizenship Ceremony Schedule 2021
Response by Auckland Council to Aaron on .
Dear Aaron, Thank you for your request for official information about scheduled citizenship ceremonies in Auckland in 2021. Auckland Council is unabl...
Traffic camera footage
Response by Auckland Transport to baolin chang on .
Information not held.
Kia ora BaoLin,   Thank you for your email. CCTV footage is only held for a limited period of time. As the 19^th of October 2020 is outside our ti...
Dear Rachael   Please find attached our response to your official information request of 23 November 2020.     Yours sincerely   Lauren...
Benefit rate changes 1964-1992
Follow up sent to Ministry of Social Development by Lance Watson on .
Thank you for the reply. I am satisfied with the request being declined based on it impeding your ability to provide effective and efficient adminis...
I am not happy with this response as there are missing items in the response that have been left out deliberately, that would not have privacy impli...
Copies of Data Sharing MOU’s
Request to Earthquake Commission by Shane Gibson. Annotated by S. Rowe on .
You probably need to change the questions slightly. Like "Please provide copies of all MOU's that have clauses related to sharing peronsal information...
Search warrants search and surveillance ACT
Follow up sent to David Parker by Grace Haden on .
thank you for your reply this does not address the question as to how some one can identify a legitimate search warrant when people turn up at...
GCSB Warrant extension to spy on President Trump
Follow up sent to Jacinda Ardern by Mark Allen on .
Information not held.
Thank you for finally responding to the request, literally on the final hours of the 20th working day. I would just like to get it on the record th...
Information on Pukepohatu (Baldrock)
Request to Eugenie Sage by Tim Walter. Annotated by Mark Montgomery on .
Information not held.
Request transferred from the Minister to the Department f Conservation (DoC).. DoC state that they have no information
TVs funded by MSD
Follow up sent to Carmel Sepuloni by Patrick Hill on .
Not good enough. This will be going to the ombudsman. Yours sincerely, Patrick Hill
Is the treatment of overseas contributory pensions illegal?
Response by Andrew Little to Robert Newcombe on .
Awaiting classification.
Tçnâ koe     Thank you for contacting the office of Hon Andrew Little MP, Minister of Health, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, Mini...
You could now resubmit this request as it can no longer prejudice the maintenance of the law. Just change alleged to convicted
Just a note on section 18(d) refusals like this. If any of the information you have asked for is not present in the document Oranga Tamariki has publis...
[UNCLASSIFIED] Dear Alexander Please find attached the documents related to your below request. We apologise for the delay in getting these to you an...
Exam Grade Distributions
Response by University of Auckland to Liam Silverwood on .
Dear Liam,   I refer to your request of 25 November 2020. We understand your request for “exam grade distribution” data for a course to mean how m...
Transcript of a 111 Call
Response by New Zealand Police to Sharon Burt on .
Information not held.
Dear Sharon,   Please find attached Police's response to your request.     Kind regards, Lucas   PNHQ =======================================...