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Response by Auckland University of Technology to john luke on .
Hi John Luke   Please find attached response to your request under the OIA.   Regards Alison         [1]AUTMaori Alison Sykora Head...
WHO and the University of Auckland
Follow up sent to University of Auckland by K Roe on .
That is correct. But now there is a public record that the University of Auckland was requested to correct the information. Yours sincerely, K...
ANPR (Automated number plate recognition) usage
Response by New Zealand Police to Nick Bolton on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Nick   Please find attached the reply to your correspondence of 04 November 2019.   Kind regards Ministerial Services PNHQ =========...
Bed Numbers
Response by Waikato District Health Board to Antony Andrews on .
Hello,   Please find attached the response from Waikato DHB in relation to your OIA.   Regards,   Kylie Lewis Personal Assistant to Nevi...
Response by University of Auckland to K Roe on .
Partially successful.
Dear Ms Roe, I refer to your email of 17 November 2019 2:12 PM. The Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Service (Turnitin) is an online technology system ow...
Te Haumaru Flats Accessible Bathrooms Flooding
Follow up sent to Megan Woods by S. Paurini on .
Partially successful.
The information you have is wrong. The shower floods irrespetive of the shower curtain being there. This letter from you is the first time HNZ has p...
Correspondence with Ombudsman
Response by Julie Anne Genter to K Jarrett on .
Good afternoon, Thank you for your email - yes Alex is correct in that correspondence from the Ombudsman related to their investigations is excluded f...
Bed Numbers
Response by Bay of Plenty District Health Board to Antony Andrews on .
On behalf of Debbie Brown, Senior Advisor Governance and Quality   Dear Mr Andrews   In response to your email of 5 December 2019, I can see that y...
Good afternoon   Please find attached the Ministry’s response to your Official Information Act request received 8 November 2019.   Kind Regard...
Off duty police powers
Response by New Zealand Police to Daniel Thomas on .
Dear Mr Thomas   Please find attached our response to your OIA request.   Kind regards Ministerial Services =================================...
The estimated hospital floor area
Response by Auckland District Health Board to Antony Andrews on .
Dear Antony   Attached please find ADHBs response to your OIA request dated 16 November 2019.   Regards   Elaine Keenan Team Administrat...
Drivers Licence
Response by Ministry of Transport to D J Blair on .
Dear Dennis   Thank you for your email.  As per Lisa MacKenzie’s email below, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch...
Bed Numbers
Response by MidCentral District Health Board to Antony Andrews on .
Dear Antony,   Thank you for your recent OIA request regarding the number of beds at MidCentral DHB.   Please see the attached letter for furt...
Bed Numbers
Response by Taranaki District Health Board to Antony Andrews on .
Good Morning – In response to your recent OIA request please find attached the response from Taranaki DHB.     Regards   Jenny McLennan Pe...
Dear Ginger   Please find attached a reply to your recent Official Information Act request re Ernst young report into Mike Tana’s fuel use.  ...
Hi Chris, Thank you for your below email. I have passed your feedback to the team. Kind regards, Curtis
To whom it may concern,   Please find attached a response to your request.     Kind regards,   Gabriel Pollard Senior Advisor, Minister...
Response by Department of Conservation to john luke on .
Dear Mr Luke, In reply to your email below, I can advise that name badges were not issued to Board members as part of the Department’s new uniform r...
Number of people who used Fairy Falls track
Response by Auckland Council to t Austen on .
  Kia ora Tom Our response to your official information request for visitor numbers to the Fairy Falls Track is attached. If you have questions,...
Leadership team
Follow up sent to Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand by Barry Garrick on .
Thanks for the information. Will let you know if I have any follow up queries. Yours sincerely, Barry Garrick
Market advice
Follow up sent to The Treasury by Barry Garrick on .
Thank you for the information. Yours sincerely, Barry Garrick
PhD Scholarships
Request to University of Otago by M Power. Annotated by Ali Khan on .
Can you please share the same data for DBA scholarships?
Thank you D J Blair for your message. I'm not surprised to hear that you received a similar stone-wall response from MOH to your request for informatio...
Police on Social Media
Request to New Zealand Police by Ian McDonald. Annotated by Ian McDonald on .
Partially successful.
No, so we dont know what that is. It may have to be done on a separate request. If you are going to do one, let me know. Feel free to use and modify my...
Parking Fines
Response by Kris Faafoi to Beth on .
Good evening Please find attached Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Hon Kris Faafoi's response to your Official Information Act request. Kind...