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Hutt comms
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Barry Garrick on .
Awaiting classification.
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Dunedin cycle counts
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Sam Laurence on .
Partially successful.
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Response by Electoral Commission to Beth on .
Awaiting classification.
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Employment Equity
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to Lesley Harbern on .
Awaiting classification.
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Combatting Online Misinformation
Response by Ministry of Justice to Sam Mellor on .
Kia ora Sam,   Please see attached the response to your Official Information Act request.   Kind regards Ariana   [1]Description: Descript...
Information requested has been released, in full.
Good morning Andrew.   Apologies for the delay but please find attached data my team have pulled together from our routine compliance monitoring o...
CHCH: Carey Street : Housing Stock
Response by Christchurch City Council to Tom Dickie on .
Dear Tom,   Thank you for your email received 30 January 2020.   We are handling your request under the Local Government Official Information...
Full information released on 08/11/2019
Fuel card usage by Wendy walker
Request to Porirua City Council by Dianne Trevors. Annotated by Mark Montgomery on .
The information requested was released in full on 08/11/2019
Agreements on the Confucius Institute
Response by University of Auckland to Dirk Eisman on .
Dear Mr Eisman, I refer to your request of 29 January 2020. The documents requested are available for you to download at [1]
Request was transferred from the Minister's Office to the Real Estate Authority who provided all the information requested
You didn't answer the question, the requester asked specifically how many bankrupts had lost property overseas when their sole debt was student loan....
List of historical Post Offices closed
Response by New Zealand Post Limited to Becca Danielle on .
Hi Becca   We refer to your request of 16 December 2019 under the Official Information Act 1982 (the Act), and your subsequent email on 9 January...
Kia ora Mr Luke,   Please see attached the response to your Official Information Act request of 14 December 2019.   Kind regards Ariana  ...
Total km's of separated cycleways in NZ
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by Rod Badcock on .
Thankyou for the response - and the clarification on not having data on continuous separated cycleway lengths. Maybe this could be an important futu...
Good afternoon Mohammed,   We are in the process of responding to your OIA request in relation to the total number of PGY 1 House officer’s positi...
List of NCEA Achievement and Unit Standards
Request to New Zealand Qualifications Authority by N Gyles. Annotated by David Hartley on .
I have just downloaded the data from, fantastic resource. The only thing missing for me is whether each standard is/was assessed externall...
Census Ethnicity: Ashkenazi
Response by Statistics New Zealand to Jonathan Brewer on .
Kia ora Jonathan   Thank you for your Official Information request regarding briefing/discussion papers related to the possible inclusion of Ashke...
ORG CHART- OIA request
Response by Panuku Development Auckland Limited to john luke on .
Dear John Luke, Thank you for your request for information.  Please see attached our response. If you have any further queries please contact me o...
Cost of India visit
Follow up sent to Massey University by Peter Nielson on .
Partially successful.
Many thanks for your response, I appreciate the released information. I am interested in the MoU, however. Will Massey release a version to me wit...
The link in the response from Police does not currently (1/02/2020) point to the right information. A search of the Police's website located the reque...
Structure charts
Request to New Zealand Police by Grant Carroll. Annotated by James Scott on .
Partially successful.
What an absolute laugh that is. The Police are one of (if not absolutely) the least transparent organisations in the country... They will withhold in...
Dear John,   Please find attached our response to your OIA request.   Kind regards,   Margaret Huang BUSINESS ADVISOR   Operations Su...
Carcasses on SI Beach
Response by Department of Conservation to Sarahdotc on .
Partially successful.
Dear Ms Carter,   Please find attached our response to your requests of 20 and 21 November 2019.   Kind regards Department of Conservation...