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ACM Amenity Condition Manual
Request to Housing New Zealand Corporation by Paul Turner. Annotated by Paul Turner on .
HNZC in this case where efficent and prompt. However a water mark was added to each page of pdf. "Release under offical information Act 1982" My...
Lottery Committee
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to john luke on .
Good afternoon John Luke, Please refer to the attached correspondence, which provides the Department's response to your OIA request. If you have any...
Special Constable
Response by Stuart Nash to john homer on .
Dear John   Please find attached official correspondence from the Minister of Police Hon Stuart Nash.   Yours sincerely   Jason Smith Pr...
Kia ora Joss J. The Ministry for Culture and Heritage changed its reporting framework from 1 July 2017, in part to lessen the burden of reporting on e...
Dear Leonie,   Please see the attached document in response to your Official Information Act request to the Department of Conservation, dated 16 S...
Code of Conduct
Response by New Zealand Police to Graham Carter on .
Dear Graham,   Please find attached the New Zealand Police response to your Official Information Act request.   Kind Regards,   Hannah Wri...
Dear Mr Fleming   Further to recent correspondence, please find attached the correspondence as requested.   Regards   --------------------...
Dear Mr Fleming Thank you for your message - but please note it was only received on 2 Oct (after noticing the request on as it had appare...
Linkage between AMETI / Glen Innes
Response by Auckland Transport to Alan Johnstone on .
Dear Mr Johnstone   We refer to your request for information dated 5 September 2018 in relation to the cycle facilities between AMETI and the Glen...
Offence and conviction informaiton
Request to New Zealand Police by Lance O'Riley. Annotated by Lance O'Riley on .
Partially successful.
Unusual that this could not be provided as requested, especially considering data based on ANZOC codes is clearly available as parts relevant to other...
Dear Mr Bloxham   Please find attached our response to your request for information, dated 9 September 2018.   Yours sincerely Government En...
Parking Wardens and Transport Officers.
Response by Auckland Transport to Joseph on .
Dear Joe   We refer to your request for information dated 31 August 2018 in relation to Parking Wardens and Transport Officers.   At the outse...
Cost of Rural Fires
Response by Fire and Emergency New Zealand to Alan Thompson on .
Dear Alan Please find attached a response from Bella Sutherland, Director, Office of the Chief Executive, to your official information request. Ki...
Origins of Office
Response by Children's Commissioner to Ross Francis on .
Partially successful.
2 October 2018   Ross Francis Via FYI Website email [1][FOI #8696 email] (Postal Address not supplied)   Dear Mr Francis   Thank you...
Thompson & Clark
Response by Environmental Protection Authority to Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Alex,   Please find attached a letter from the Environmental Protection Authority regarding your request for information.   If...
Request for the 2017 Capital Connection Business Case
Request to Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council by Tony Randle. Annotated by Tony Randle on .
Partially successful.
Note that the continual refusal by the Horizon Regional Council to provide the information used to support their business case for a multi-million doll...
Taser policy compliance
Response by New Zealand Police to Mark Hanna on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mark   You have asked for information regarding any restrictions around publishing NZ Police’s fleeing driver policy. I note that this policy...
Dear Mr Smith   We acknowledge your email below dated 3 September 2018, sent as a reply to our previous correspondence of 26 February 2018 (Ref: 0...
Te Reo Maori training
Response by Wellington City Council to Alanah T on .
Dear Alanah   Thank you for your request for information dated 26 September 2018 relating to Te Wiki o te Reo Mâori, and te reo Maori capacity acr...
MOU between rescue organisation and pound
Response by Invercargill City Council to dan stewart on .
Awaiting classification.
To Mr Stewart Please find attached letter and draft Memorandum of Understanding from Pamela Gare. Thank you Kind Regards Julie Thompson
Key Planning Dates for Defence Capability Plan 2018
Request to New Zealand Defence Force by Simon Ewing-Jarvie. Annotated by Simon Ewing-Jarvie on .
Partially successful.
This latest response is a result of my complaint to the Ombudsman (who dealt with it well). The Terms of Reference for the Defence Capability Framework...
Copy of School Keepsafe Insurance Policies
Response by Ministry of Education to [Name redacted by admin] on .
Partially successful.
Dear Requester, Thank you for your email. The Ministry's response to your request is as set out in our email of 25 September 2018. It is open to...
Firearm security vetting form
Response by New Zealand Police to Malcolm Lock on .
Dear Mr Lock   In response to your email of 31 August 2018 please find attached the other New Zealand Firearms Licence Security Report (POL67/K(S)...
Animal management conference statements
Follow up sent to Ministry for Primary Industries by Steve Glassey on .
Thank you for the reply. From multiple witnesses, she did not state they could be used across all phases of emergency management. However, there...
Thank you. Much appreciated       Miles Stratford CEO Tel 09 320 0863 [mobile number]   [1]MethSolutions-col   Decent people work...