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Tçnâ koe Mr Luke   Thanks for your email of 29 November 2018 in which you submitted an Official Information Act request as follows:   A full l...
Texts from Richie Hardcore & others re Karel Sroubek
Follow up sent to Jacinda Ardern by Matthew Hooton on .
Thanks for the response. Yours sincerely, Matthew Hooton
Sorry to say that there is a good probability that you were not speeding WHEN the photograph says that you were. The following is a standard reply tha...
Minutes of Meetings with Officials from Treasury
Response by Earthquake Commission to Jake Preston on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Preston   Information request Please find attached the first part of our response to your information request.   Regards   Andre...
Dear Sir/Madam   Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act Request – ‘For Sale’ Parked Vehicles Infringement Notices – Response  ...
Citizenship Ceremony Schedule
Response by Auckland Council to Shubham sharma on .
Dear Shubham I refer to your request which we received on 17 December 2018, regarding a list of 2019 ceremony schedule dates. Please find attached li...
Maori language Police
Response by Statistics New Zealand to Aruth John Smith on .
Good morning,   Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request dated 13 December 2018.   Kind regards,   Jarro...
Calculation of due dates under the OIA
Response by New Zealand Post Limited to Mark Hanna on .
Thanks Mark - we were aware of the calculator and I see that it does work for our purposes now. Will point to that in our process. OIA Officer This e...
Dear Mr Davis   Please see attached response.   Regards   LGOIMA Response Team Tauranga City Council | 07 577 7000 | [1][email address] |...
Mōrena Pankaj, There have been no infringement notices/penalties issues in the specified period for this offence. Regards, Gina. Gina McGrath​...
Smoke free and mental health seclusion information
Response by Lakes District Health Board to Helena on .
Awaiting classification.
Hi Helena   Please see attached our response to your extra questions about our OIA response dated 12 November 2018.   Cheers   Shan Tapsel...
New Zealand honour
Response by Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet to john luke on .
[UNCLASSIFIED]     Dear John   In response to your request for information, I attach a letter from Michael Webster, Clerk of the Executive C...
NZDIA presentations
Response by Ministry of Defence to Valerie Morse on .
Good afternoon Ms Morse   Apologies for the incorrect link. The correct link is: https://
Information regarding serious cases
Follow up sent to Wellington Regional Council by Hugh Davenport on .
Partially successful.
Thanks Bruce Yours sincerely, Hugh Davenport
Post 1080 poison drop monitoring west coast 2017-2018
Response by Department of Conservation to fred carter on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Carter   Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request dated 29 November 2019.   Yours sincerely    ...
Time taken for building consents
Follow up sent to Kaipara District Council by Andrew Watkins on .
Partially successful.
I will be happy to answer questions from your building team. I can be contacted at 0277031007. Yours sincerely, Andrew Watkins
Mangawhai Village Roundabouts
Response by Kaipara District Council to Alan William Preston on .
Hi Alan   Thank you for your request relating to traffic flow options under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.  Plea...
I can confirm I did *not* receive a call on the 7th January. Also it is a bit strange that the new job filed did not include the original email's se...
ZX Security
Response by Auckland Council to Alex Harris on .
Kia ora Alex Thank you for your request about ZX Security Ltd which we received on 9 January 2019. You asked us - * whether your agency has ever empl...
ZX Security
Response by Housing New Zealand Corporation to Alex Harris on .
Dear Alex   Please find attached a response from Rachel Kelly, Manager, Government Relations, Housing New Zealand, to your email of 10 January 201...
Dear Pankaj Please find attached a response from Wayne Oldfield, Acting Senior Manager, Systems Management to your email of 6 December 2018. Regar...
Costs of Defending Failed False Name Use
Response by Ministry of Social Development to Gregory Soar on .
Partially successful.
    Good morning Mr Soar,   As per your email sent on 10 January 2019, this email is to confirm that your request made on 23 November 2018 for...
ZX Security Successful.
Dear Alex Harris,   Under the OIA, you asked as to whether GNS Science “has ever employed ZX Security Ltd to provide training in social media or o...
Dear Mr Soar   Please find attached a letter to you from the Ministry of Social Development.   Yours sincerely Ministerial and Executive Ser...
ZX Security Successful.
Technically this is a refusal because the information does not exist. But that's a highly informative refusal, and exactly the sort of thing I am hopin...