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Thank you for contacting WorkSafe New Zealand. This email is to confirm that we have received your correspondence. If your correspondence relates to...
Thank you for your response which has been very helpful. Yours sincerely, Jem Traylen
Format of data on occupancy rate
Response by Northland District Health Board to Thai Quoc Khanh on .
Dear Thai The bed occupancy data is in the attached spreadsheet. The definitions we use for resourced beds, physical beds and physical bed spaces a...
Thanks for the updated information about statin adverse reactions. Regards Heather Barker
Bomb Point reserve, Hobsonville Point
Response by Housing New Zealand Corporation to Julienne Molineaux on .
Partially successful.
The information contained in or attached to this message is intended only for the people it is addressed to. If you are not the intended recipient, any...
Documents related to Project Seal
Request to New Zealand Defence Force by Reuben Tilley. Annotated by Reuben Tilley on .
Documents provided. Thanks Defence Force! Scans here:
Kia ora, Please find attached the table in a PDF format as requested. Many thanks, All the best, B Smith Ministerial Services Ministry of Business,...
International voting mechanisms
Follow up sent to Electoral Commission by David Farrar on .
Thanks Kristina, That is exactly what I wanted. DPF
Cycleway usage
Follow up sent to Wellington City Council by David Farrar on .
Thanks for the reply - appreciated.
Good afternoon Karl   Further to your LGOIMA request from 18 October 2018, I can advise that the Palmerston North City Council, including events m...
Dear Mr Buckingham   Please find attached our response to your 1 October 2018 request for information.   Kind regards Government Engagement...
Taito Phillip Field
Request to New Zealand Parole Board by Felix Lee. Annotated by Mr Rodgers on .
Yes Luke, the govt dept should give reasons for withholding information. The point I was making is that the govt dept can't ask why a requester is aski...
Recruit Vetting
Response by New Zealand Police to Thomas Holmes on .
Kia ora Thomas,   Please find attached a letter from Andrea Swan, National Manager: Constabulary Recruitment which includes a copy of the NZ Police...
429 State sector boards and committees
Request to State Services Commission by john luke. Annotated by Luke on .
The page was last updated 29 Nov 2016 (refer to the bottom). The Ministry for Women is a small ministry and as such probably does not have the resou...
Dear Mr Lawson Please find attached response to your official information request Sincerely Margee Do Senior Advisor, OIA Services Ministerial...
Number of convictions overturned
Response by Andrew Little to Ross Francis on .
Good afternoon Mr Francis   Please find attached a response to your OIA request regarding the exercise of the Royal prerogative of mercy.   Re...
Private occupancy of crown facilities
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to K.I. Davis on .
Good afternoon K. I. Davis,   Please find attached the remaining documents the Department is releasing to you.   Kind regards   Michelle R...
Police Chapters
Response by New Zealand Police to Joseph on .
Dear Joseph I have been asked to provide you with this attached response. Kind regards Ministerial Services Police National Headquarters ========...
Good afternoon Mr Mortensen   Please find attached a response to your OIA request.   Regards           [1]Description: Description: D...
Manual Chapters
Response by New Zealand Police to Joseph on .
Dear Joseph   I have been asked to send this attached response.     Kind regards   Holly Foxwell Ministerial Services Officer Ministe...
Hello [FOI #6986 email] E-mail database for $10 per country.[xmoytmpz] For marketing, advertising, newsletters.[lurrkr] 7753191 + Bonuses, discounts...
Dear Mr Turner   Please find attached response from Housing New Zealand to your OIA request.   Please do not respond to this email address as...
Email 3     Kind regards   OCU Team     Level 4, Wellington Railway Station, Bunny Street, Wellington 6011 | PO Box 593, Wellington 61...
REA work regarding methamphetamine in property
Response by Real Estate Agents Authority to Miles Stratford on .
Partially successful.
Dear Isaac   Many thanks for your email. I will review and respond with any questions that arise. I appreciate the positive way you have approache...
QEII pool cost break down
Response by Christchurch City Council to Bruce Russell on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Russell,   Thank you for your email, received on October 15^th 2018. You requested the following information, under the Local Government O...