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MBChB Application
Response by University of Otago to K Roe on .
Dear Ms Roe,   Please find attached, information in response to your Official Information Act 1982 request dated 21 July regarding MB ChB/Physioth...
Dear John Copy attached. Regards Julie From: To: Subject: Date: Julie Straka T1Connect FW: Honorary Ambassadorships Tuesday, 13 August 2019 9:26:00...
New Zealand Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal
Request to Ministry of Defence by john luke. Annotated by john luke on .
Thank you Alan for your updates.
Response by Financial Markets Authority to Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Dear Mr Harris   Please find attached FMA’s response to your Official Information Act Request.   Ngā mihi     Francesca Legaspi   Interm...
Good afternoon Kilo,   Thank you for your Official Information Act request to the Department of Conservation on 1 August 2019 regarding:   “I...
JP selection enquiry
Response by Ministry of Justice to john luke on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Mr Luke   The Office of the Ombudsman has advised the Ministry that you have complained about the response to your request under th...
Electric scooters on footpaths
Request to New Zealand Transport Agency by Mathew Warder. Annotated by Glen Koorey on .
The Court Case BTW was "NZ Police v Bridgman, Blenheim 2010" regarding the use of an electric moped scooter. You'd probably need to look up a legal cas...
Dear Alex   Please find attached, our response to your LGOIMA request.   Kind regards Lillian Sewell Please note I work Mondays Wednesdays...
Abortion and the Crimes Act
Response by Ministry of Justice to Kate McIntyre on .
Kia ora Ms McIntyre,   Please find attached your OIA response. I apologise for the delay in responding to your request and for any inconvenience t...
Resource consents for combustion discharges
Follow up sent to Gisborne District Council by Alex Harris on .
Thankyou for the speedy and helpful response. I hadn't realised the Air Quality Plan had been superseded. Yours sincerely, Alex Harris
JP and JP Association
Response by Ministry of Justice to john luke on .
Kia ora Mr Luke,   Please find attached your OIA response.   Many thanks, Lydia.       [1]Description: Description: Description: Lydia Ja...
Student Consultation and Wellbeing
Response by University of Auckland to Sean Richards on .
Dear Sean,   I refer to your request for official information of 28 July 2019, as amended by you on 7 August 2019. In passing I note that the Univ...
Comms center for islands
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Kieran Geraghyt on .
Thank you for taking the time to write the in depth response, That has summed everything plus more up for me. Have a great day. Yours sincerely,...
Hello Merepohoi, Thank you for your enquiry via the FYI website dated 7 August 2019 regarding Housing New Zealand’s methamphetamine assistance progr...
Copy of a call made to 111
Response by New Zealand Police to John Hosie on .
Good Morning Mr Hosie   On 27 July 2019 you requested the following information from Police:   “Could I please have a copy of the 111 call made...
Hello K Watson,   Thank you for your patience with regard to your request on the Council decision to cease its contract with the Phone2Park app prov...
1080 Poison in honey.
Request to Environmental Protection Authority by T. Benseman. Annotated by T. Benseman on .
Partially successful.
Yeah I have read that, it says if you see green dye in your hives you should contact MPI to test for poison.??? Wow. Most beekeepers don't even check,...
References 6, 8, 20, and 23
Request sent to Health and Disability Commissioner by Gloria Ashton on .
I would like to request a copy of the following references as they are referred to in the Standard Operating Procedure published on the HDC website:...
Tiananmen Square protests.
Request to Auckland University of Technology by Andrew Crow. Annotated by Andrew Crow on .
Very impressed with this answer. Very fast, all the information asked for. This is how OIA should work, many govt departments could learn from this...
Transgender Prisoners Offences
Response by Department of Corrections to Lance O'Riley on .
Partially successful.
Good afternoon Please see attached correspondence from the Department of Corrections. The links included in the response are: https://www.corrections...
[IN-CONFIDENCE] Kia ora Alan, Please see the attached letter regarding your recent OIA request. Ngā mihi, Anna. Ministerial Coordinator Ministerial...
EVs, EVs, EVs. Time to move to Trams, Trains, Buses, bicycles and walking. Cities don't need cars. Regards Richard
Dear J Bruning   Please find attached the response to your request of 12 July 2019 for information under the Official Information Act 1982.  ...
Pain relief in labour
Request to Ministry of Health by Geoffrey Frost. Annotated by Mark Hanna on .
Partially successful.
What a ridiculous response. If the advice is supported by "quantitative and qualitative studies" then clearly to answer your request that they "Please...
Justice of Peace in Auckland Central electorate
Response by Ministry of Justice to john luke on .
Kia ora Mr Luke,   Please find attached your OIA response.   Many thanks, Lydia.       [1]Description: Description: Description: Lydia Ja...