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Dear M Lee   Please find attached a response from James Kennelly, Team Leader Government Relations, to your email dated 19 April 2021.   Pleas...
Design Documents for St Heliers Safety Upgrade
Response by Auckland Transport to David Harton on .
Awaiting classification.
Hi David, I have gone back to our business unit and confirmed all information regarding the St Heliers safety update is all publicly available and u...
COVID-19 arrest warrants
Response by New Zealand Police to Hayden on .
Kia ora Hayden Please find attached the response to your Official Information Act request, received by New Zealand Police on  6 April 2021. Kind r...
Dear Ryan   Please find attached the response to your request of 12 April 2021 for information under the Official Information Act 1982.   Rega...
Dear Cody   Please find attached a response from Andrew Thackwray to your email of 23 April 2021.   Regards _________ ______________________...
Number of people enrolled in HSFY
Response by University of Otago to Callum Chalmers on .
Kia ora Callum   In response to your information request dated 7 April 2021 made under the Official Information Act 1982, please see below the enr...
c a, many websites publish information across more than one page, generally putting those pages in the same section of the website. Often, it is possib...
Kia ora Kathleen, Thank you for providing that information Ngā mihi, Elodie Green
Auckland Council Inspection Code of Practice
Follow up sent to Auckland Council by Steve Haresnape on .
Thanks. I have the Code of Practice now. Yours sincerely, Steve Haresnape
Hi Cody C, I refer to your official information request received on 21 April 2021. On 24 June 2003 at a full Council meeting, the Manawatu-Wanganui R...
House CV Calculations
Response by Auckland Council to Prashant Makhijani on .
Partially successful.
Dear Prashant, Thank you for your request for information. We believe that your request is answered on our website at the link below.
Data on performance at ncea level 2
Follow up sent to Ministry of Education by Mr ED Hirsche on .
Thank you very much. I appreciate the ahead of time response. Yours sincerely, Mr ED Hirsche
[UNCLASSIFIED] Dear Mya   Please find attached a response to your OIA request.   Kind regards ESD   Executive Services Division New Ze...
Clearance of Coastal Vegetation, Titahi Bay
Response by Porirua City Council to Brian Warburton on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Brian   Thank you for your request below.   Please find attached our Acknowledgement letter.   Ngā mihi, Marcella Ropu Records & Sc...
Kia ora Mr Green   Following your Official Information Act 1982 request dated 07 April 2021, please find attached the Ministry of Transport’s resp...
It's interesting to see Wellington Regional Council take safety of passengers, whether dangerous driving or a dangerous vehicle, as being unimportant a...
Estimate of new housing requirements by area
Response by Statistics New Zealand to Adam Irish on .
Partially successful.
Kia ora Adam,   Thank you for your Official Information request about ‘the number of dwellings required in each region on a yearly basis over the...
Central Otago hydro project
Response by Megan Woods to Liz Simons on .
Dear Ms Simons,   Please find the attached correspondence from Minister Woods.   Kind regards, Ben   Ben Cunliffe | Senior Ministerial Ad...
DSI Statistics 2020
Response by Auckland Transport to Tim Adriaansen on .
Partially successful.
Good Afternoon Tim,    I’ve attached the official information you asked for.   On 25/04/2021  you asked for information on DSI statistics.   ...
Dear Callum,   I refer to your request of 7 April 2021 for information concerning 2021 admissions to the University of Auckland’s first year Bache...
Oia act request data
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to john luke on .
Awaiting classification.
Tçnâ koe John, Please find attached the Department's response to your OIA request. I note that in the information released you will see that some it...
Shortages of Materials in House Building Industry
Response by Megan Woods to Matthew Hooton on .
Kia ora Matthew   Please find attached a response to your OIA request of 29 March.   Ngā mihi,   Amy Harrison (she/her) Private Secretary...
Nelson Fire Station
Response by Fire and Emergency New Zealand to Johnathen William on .
Dear Johnathen,   Official Information Request -  OIA - Nelson Fire Station Appliances I refer to your official information request dated 24 April 2...
Enforcement and Compliance of the Brightline Test
Response by Inland Revenue Department to Adam Irish on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Adam Irish   Please find attached a letter regarding your OIA request received on 12 April 2021.   Kind regards   Office of Hon David...
Copy of Application for Resource Consent
Response by Porirua City Council to Brian Warburton on .
Kia ora, Thanks for your email. Your request will be logged the next business day, one of our customer service staff will then be in touch with a...