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Link: [1]File-List Hello Tony   Please see attached Greater Wellington Regional Council’s response to your recent OIA 2019-373   Kind regard...
Student Research Outputs
Follow up sent to University of Auckland by K Roe on .
Awaiting classification.
I don't want to slip the librarian a $20 and see what she may decide is available to / accessible to me. I also don't want to slip the librarian a...
Tasman Fire Debrief Reports
Response by Tasman District Council to Alan Thompson on .
Information not held.
Good morning Mr Thompson Since our last e-mail, I have established that neither Tasman District Council and CDEM hold the information requested. We...
Senior officer under investigation
Response by New Zealand Police to J Devere on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora J   Please find attached the revised response to your Official Information Act request.   This response pertains to your Ombudsman com...
Bed Numbers
Clarification sent to Tairawhiti District Health Board by Antony Andrews on .
Thanks coming your way. Yours sincerely, Antony Andrews
Driving on Beaches in 2018/19 - Breaches of Traffic Bylaw 2015
Response by Auckland Council to Isaac M on .
Information not held.
Kia ora Isaac,   Thank you for your request regarding infringements issued for illegal driving on the beaches.   Auckland council and Auckland...
Dear Mr Benseman   Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request dated 30 November 2019.   Kind regards The Depar...
Dear Alan   Further to my email dated 2 December 2019, please find attached Scion’s response to your OIA request.   Please do not hesitate to...
Dear Amy Attached please find Waikato DHB's response. Kind regards. OIA Co-ordinator
Attached is Waikato DHB's response to your OIA. Kind regards. OIA Co-coordinator
Response by Accident Compensation Corporation to Paul White on .
Information not held.
Kia ora   Thank you for contacting ACC; this is an automatic reply to confirm we have received your email.   Depending on the nature of your r...
Regional Park track upgrades
Response by Auckland Council to t Austen on .
Kia ora Tom Our response to your request about track upgrades is attached. If you have questions, please contact me at [email address] Ngā mihi...
Archives risk register
Request to Department of Internal Affairs by Edward Pellew. Annotated by Edward Pellew on .
Thanks Luke, that is likely to be the next step. But out of fairness I am giving them an opportunity to explain their decision first.
Location of red light cameras
Request to New Zealand Police by Victoria Volkova. Annotated by Mark Hanna on .
Information not held.
Section 14 of the Official Information Act requires agencies to transfer requests in cases like this, where they do not hold the information that has b...
Snapshot police cell occupancy
Response by New Zealand Police to Ti Lamusse on .
Awaiting classification.
Mōrena   Checking off some end of year filing and discovered this was sent to the wrong FYI address back in November. I apologise for any inconvenie...
Stolen vehicles dataset from the 2017 till now
Request to New Zealand Police by Amantay Abdurakhmanov. Annotated by Mark Hanna on .
I'm not certain what guideline Police are quoting from here. However, this is not the first time I've seen Police claim that information is not held be...
Kia ora Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official information. Nga mihi OIA Services Government Services Office of the...
Viewpoints, outlooks and related personality data
Request to New Zealand Defence Force by A Wellesley. Annotated by A Wellesley on .
The refusal of the request is not a negative reflection on the NZDF or its transparency. It was refused as they did not have the data requested. They...
Kia ora Amy Please find attached the NZ Police response to your Official Information Act request. Ngā  mihi Ministerial Services Police National...
Please see attached. Carol Stevenson | Executive Assistant/Advisor Gambling Gambling Commission Direct Dial: +64 9 353 7223 | Extn: 7763 | Mob: +64 2...
Internal investigation protocol
Response by Far North District Council to Lloyd Jerome on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Jerome   Official Information Request – RFS 3984043   Thank you for your request received 21 November 2019. Your request has been refe...
Dear G. Hill,   Thank you for your email to the Council received on 25 November 2019 in which you requested “…a list of all the contractors and co...
Dear Mr Crow   Please find attached our response to your OIA below.   Kind regards   SSC Enquiries  email: [1][email address] [2]cid:im...
Memory and Peter Ellis
Response by Crown Law Office to Ross Francis on .
Tçnâ koe Mr Francis   Please find attached a response to your request for information dated 14 November 2019 (below).   Ngâ mihi,   Charlo...
NZTA AT Local business case and related documents
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Damian Light on .
Information not held.
Dear Damian   Please find attached a response from Robyn Elston, Senior Manager, System Design to your email of 15 November 2019. Regards ____...