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Corrections wing patron- OIA request C113520.
Response by Department of Corrections to john luke on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora,   Thank you for your email of 21 June 2021 requesting information related to updates about Corrections Wing Patron’s list and their bio t...
Maritime Incident Response Strategy and Plan
Response by Maritime New Zealand to Scott on .
Awaiting response.
Good afternoon Scott,   Thank you for your information request of 21 June 2021. We will respond to your request in accordance with the Official...
    [IN-CONFIDENCE]   Kia ora   Thank you for your request under the Official Information Act 1982 which was received on 21 June 2021, cop...
Good afternoon Wes I refer to your request of 13 June 2021 for information regarding data on individuals with “extreme views”    I have been asked...
Response by Department of Internal Affairs to john luke on .
Awaiting classification.
Tçnâ koe John, Thank you for your OIA request to the Department of Internal Affairs (included with this email) The Department will provide its respon...
Kia ora Matthew   Our response to your request for information is attached. Thank you for your patience as we prepared this information for you....
Blood Doners
Response by Ministry of Health to darren-edward on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Darren-Edward   Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official information.   Ngā mihi   OIA Services Governm...
Ref: 2021-2611   Dear Scott,   On behalf of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment I acknowledge your email of 21^st June 2021 re...
What are you doing about procurement?
Response by Stuart Nash to Charles Finley on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Charles Thank you for your email of 20 June 2021 in which you submitted an Official Information Act request as follows: "Please can you publish...
Retention of electronic communications
Response by University of Auckland to Amy S Van Wey Lovatt on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear AS Van Wey Lovatt,   I refer to your request of 27 May 2021 for information concerning the University’s recordkeeping of electronic communica...
[UNCLASSIFIED] Kia ora R E Nuttall Thank you for your OIA request received on 17 June 2021 for: Dear Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, I unders...
COVID Lens on Visa Decision Making
Response by Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment to Gary on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Gary, I have reviewed your question and have determined that it is not a request for official information. Provided below is general informatio...
Re: last SMC date where 25.50 payrate applies
Response by Kris Faafoi to Gagan on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Gagan,   Please find below the information which addresses your question.   [1]
Parking in Huanui Lane
Response by Christchurch City Council to A G McGregor on .
Awaiting response.
‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌  [1]Christchurch City Council logo   Good afternoon,     Thank you for your email.   We are handling...
Copies of past OIA responses
Response by Chris Hipkins to Will Inglis on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Will Please find attached response to your OIA request of 18 May 2021. The attachments are too big so they will come to you in 2 emails. This i...
Cost of road renewal works on Arthur Street, Onehunga.
Response by Auckland Transport to Nicholas Lee on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Nicholas,   My name is Cameron and I’m a LGOIMA Business Partner at Auckland Transport. I’m responsible for looking into the official inform...
Appointments OIA
Response by The Treasury to john luke on .
Awaiting classification.
[UNCLASSIFIED]   Kia ora John,   Please find attached the Treasury’s response to your OIA request (20210191).   Ngâ mihi, Bilgehan  ...
HealthCare NZ Limited
Response by Waitemata District Health Board to NZ Health Justice on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear requestor   Attached please find ADHB’s response to your OIA request dated 25 May 2021.   Kind regards Priscilla     Priscilla Ph...
Pfizer Pharmacokinetic Test Document
Follow up sent to Ministry of Health by Paul Jones on .
Awaiting response.
Please note that as the source document referenced was in Japanese the exact Pfizer documentation name original listed "SARS-COV-2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT...
Dear Cody   Please find attached the response to your request of 6 June 2021 for information under the Official Information Act 1982.   Regard...
Request for PT Unit Subsidy information
Response by Wellington Regional Council to Tony Randle on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mr Randle   Please find attached Greater Wellington Regional Council’s response to your OIA request 2021-126 and two attachments.   Yours...
Thank you for this response from the Minister. Yours sincerely, John Jacobson
Updated of OUR REFERENCE: IR-01-19-26935
Response by New Zealand Police to john luke on .
Awaiting classification.
Tēnā koe John Luke I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act (OIA) request below, received by New Zealand Police on 21 June 2021. Your...
UTAS MbChb information (non-maps)
Response by University of Auckland to Mehak Malhotra on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Mehak/Mannat,   The information requested for FY admissions to the 2019-2021 University of Auckland MBChB programme is provided below.  ...
Tony Hay - OIR No. 1 – Climate Change
Follow up sent to Marlborough District Council by Tony Hay on .
Awaiting classification.
Thank you for your reply. It is good to see that the Marlborough District Council has some high ideals. However, referring to Official Information...