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Weather modification/engineering
Response by New Zealand Defence Force to Daryl Trask on .
Information not held.
  The information contained in this Internet Email message is intended for the addressee only and may contain privileged information, but not necess...
NZDIA presentations
Response by New Zealand Defence Force to Valerie Morse on .
Good afternoon Ms Morse   Please find attached a response to your request of 12 November 2018:   Regards   Corporate and Ministerial Services OC...
Highest density of electric vehicles in New Zealand
Follow up sent to James Shaw by Jon Pawley on .
Information not held.
Many thanks to for your work -- it is very much appreciated! Have a great weekend! Yours, Jon Pawley
Housing situations of prisoners pre-custody and post-release
Response by Department of Corrections to Mr Dellow on .
Information not held.
  Good afternoon   Please see attached correspondence from the Department of Corrections.   Kind regards   Ministerial Services Nationa...
ICD10 Data
Response by Statistics New Zealand to Karl Bloxham on .
Good morning, As notified on 1 November, your request was to ACC transferred under section 14 of the Official Information Act as Stats NZ does not ho...
Dear Simon Please refer to the Communication Plan in the original response to you. Otherwise, the information you requested does not exist and is the...
Dear Mr Tilley I refer to your email of 31 October 2018 seeking information held by Hon Judith Collins in her previous capacity as Minister of Energy...
Aluminium joiners
Response by Accident Compensation Corporation to Jan MacPherosn on .
Information not held.
Dear Ms MacPherson Attached is ACC's response to your request below. Please note the descriptions and caveats on page one when using this information....
Dear Ms Morse The Director-General's reply to your OIA request of 11 November 2018 is attached. Kind regards NZSIS
NZDF Contingency Reserve Stocks
Request to Ron Mark by Simon Ewing-Jarvie. Annotated by Simon Ewing-Jarvie on .
Information not held.
I have updated my article on NZ's war reserve as a result of this response from Ron Mark. Thanks again
Dear Mr Buckleigh   Attached is a follow up response to your Official Information Act 1982 request. Regards Ministry of Business, Innovation a...
Road Closure Policy
Response by Palmerston North City Council to Richard on .
Information not held.
Thank you. My understanding is that the approval system does not require stipulation of which particular clause the Council has relied upon. You have b...
Student Loans
Response by Inland Revenue Department to robert mckenzie on .
[UNCLASSIFIED] Dear Mr McKenzie Thank you for your email. The secrecy requirements in section 81 of the Tax Administration Act 1994 require Inland R...
Dear Ms Molineaux   Please find attached response from Rachel Kelly, Manager, Government Relations, Housing New Zealand, to your OIA request.  ...
Dear Ian,   Please find attached the New Zealand Police response to your Official Information Act request.   Kind Regards,   Hannah Wright...
Inquiry into Genetic Modification
Response by David Parker to Ross Francis on .
Dear Ross Francis   Please find attached a letter regarding your OIA request received on 5 November 2018.   Kind regards   Office of Hon D...
Good afternoon,   Please find attached the response to your request dated 9 November 2018.   Kind regards,   Jarrod Williams Senior Adviso...
Care and Protection Family Group Conference
Request to Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children by Leah. Annotated by Michelle on .
Great questions I read New Zealand's Gift to the World when I was going through FGC conferences. It's very informative, on the process of the Fgc'...
Family Group Conferences
Request to Oranga Tamariki—Ministry for Children by Leah. Annotated by Michelle on .
I feel for you after reading your request . It's what I have come to expect when dealing with this agency. I'm on the last stage of my complaint that'...
[UNCLASSIFIED] Dear John Power   This email is further to the email of 31 October 2018 (attached for your reference) , where you were asked conf...
Student Loan Scheme Amendment Act 2014
Request to Ministry of Justice by robert mckenzie. Annotated by robert mckenzie on .
Information not held.
Stephen, Sorry to hear about your mother. If it’s any consolation I am 100 percent confident you will not be arrested, the new Labour govt have pre...
Updates on the Papakura Safer Community Program
Request to Auckland Transport by Ben Ross. Annotated by Ben Ross on .
Information refused due to it being released by end of this year.
Public Bus CAPEX
Response by Canterbury Regional Council to B Morrison on .
Information not held.
Dear B. Morrison   Please find attached a response to your request under the LGOIMA (1987).   Kind regards Anna Anna Paris Executive Offic...
The answer to this question was returned on time but misfiled against another OIA request (Air Surveillance Complementary Capability). It has been decl...
Saudi Arabia Nationals attending the NZ Defence Industry Forum 2018
Response by Ron Mark to Karl Pearce on .
Information not held.
Tena koe Mr Pearce   Letter attached from Office of Hon Ron Mark.   Nga Mihi   Office of Hon Ron Mark Ministerial Portfolios: Defence | V...