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Dear Mr Woodd Thank you for your Official Information request for your school assessment on the chemical equation of 1080. We don't manufacture the ac...
Events Centre Underwrite Budget 2019/20
Response by Hutt City Council to Matthew Young on .
Hello Matthew.  In regard to your OIR regarding the Events Centre, the following information is provided:   1.       We can confirm the negotiatio...
Sent to the Ombudsman: I had made a...
I refer you to the recent final opinion of the Chief Ombudsman on your refusal to release the agenda from the first Cabinet meeting of the Ardern Mi...
  The information contained in this Internet Email message is intended for the addressee only and may contain privileged information, but not necess...
Information about infringements or Prosecutions
Follow up sent to Dunedin City Council by Karen Anderson on .
I record my astonishment that your record-keeping system is designed to prevent the extraction of the location of undesirable behaviours. That is al...
NZTA has replied back Due to no "formal decisions" made around CC2M the questions asked can not be technically answered. At this point the case and...
Dear Hannah   Thank you for your recent request made under the Official Information Act.  Please find attached a copy of our response.     K...
Firearms Classifcations
Response by Jacinda Ardern to Mr Depree on .
Information not held.
Dear Mr Depree   On behalf of Raj Nahna, I attach a letter in response to your request received on 19 June 2019.   Yours sincerely   Tabit...
Some CO2 questions
Follow up sent to James Shaw by Rich Seager on .
Hi Holly, I sort of figured that you might have been Rod's daughter. So just searched it, and found this;
Cabinet Agenda
Request to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet by Jem Traylen. Annotated by Jem Traylen on .
FINAL DECISION FROM THE CHIEF OMBUDSMAN - On 20 June 2019, the Chief Ombudsman informed me that he had discussed the matter with the DPMC and they had...
OIA response time statistics
Request to New Zealand Police by J Devere. Annotated by J Devere on .
Ombudsman complaint made - it is really unlikely that the information requested is not contained in the database.
Senior officer under investigation
Request to New Zealand Police by J Devere. Annotated by J Devere on .
Complaint made to the Ombudsman about the refusal grounds.
Dear Alex I refer to your official information request dated 7 July 2019 asking for an estimated cost for the MyWaikato system implementation. Unde...
Website designer
Request to Michael Wood by Rich Seager. Annotated by Rich Seager on .
Thanks Mark but I already have had a look at the Act (as well as the Ombudsmen Act (1975) and advice given to MPs on the topic. I think that it coul...
Vehicle Make and Model Data Quality Mapping
Response by New Zealand Transport Agency to Shane Gibson on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Shane   This email is to advise you that the information you requested on 30 May is now available online at:   [1]https://opendata-nzta.o...
Web Assisted Notification of Devices
Response by Ministry of Health to Cody C on .
Kia ora Cody C Please find attached a letter regarding your request for official information. Nga mihi OIA Services Government Services Office...
Dear Hannah Enderby,   On behalf of Allan Kinsella, Director Assurance, please find the response to your official information act request attached...
Kiwi dropping tested for 1080
Response by Department of Conservation to H Enderby on .
Dear Ms Enderby   Please find attached a decision letter relating to the Official Information Act requested submitted to the Department on 10 June...
Tax evasion
Response by Inland Revenue Department to Ti Lamusse on .
Information not held.
[IN CONFIDENCE RELEASE EXTERNAL] Dear Mx Ti Lamusse   Please find attached a letter from Tony Donoghue, Manager, Commissioner’s correspondence p...
What an comprehensive and thoughtful response DOC prepared in reply the Ms Enderby's request. Well done DOC.
Donut Runs
Response by New Zealand Police to Jo on .
Good afternoon   I can confirm that this information is not held for any period.   Nga mihi   Ministerial Services -----Jo <[FOI #10660 email]>...
Dear Gerard   Thank you for your further email of 16 July 2019 regarding the NZ Transport Agency’s response of 28 June 2019 to your requests for o...
Letter from AIR to Minister of Finance
Request to Grant Robertson by Steve Dore. Annotated by Jem Traylen on .
Fair enough :-)