Auckland Conservation Board

A public authority

Only Part 7 (Local Authority meetings) LGOIMA applies to Conservation Boards, so request time limits do not apply. Agendas and associated reports are usually published online (see Home page of authority link).
You may also want to try requesting information from the Department of Conservation.

3 requests
OIA act request 4th
Follow up sent to Auckland Conservation Board by john luke on .
Awaiting response.
Further to my reuqest, I would like to add that if you have issued the name badge, May I ask when was that been issued and has the new member been i...
OIA/LGOIMA Act Request
Response by Auckland Conservation Board to john luke on .
Dear John   Please find attached response from the Auckland Conservation Board Chairperson for your Official Act request dated 14 November 2019....
Can you please kindly confirm that you have received my request?

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