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Waitemata Police Asian Reference Group
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by john luke on .
Long overdue.
FYI- I have submitted a compliant for delay in response my OIA request Yours faithfully, john luke
New Zealand Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal
Request to Ministry of Defence by john luke. Annotated by john luke on .
Thank you Alan, that is a great update.
Dear Daniel,   I refer to your request of 2 April 2019. The information requested about the cost of mental health and counselling provided by the...
Effects of additional police officers
Follow up sent to The Treasury by Ti Lamusse on .
Thank you for your message. I can confirm you have interpreted my request correctly. Yours sincerely, Ti Lamusse
EM ACE Funding 2018
Response by Tertiary Education Commission to Steve Glassey on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Steve   Please find attached the response to your Official Information Request of 23 March 2019.   Kind regards Genevieve Lash Adviso...
Please find the attached response to your request for information. Ngā mihi nui Georgia Tawharu Adviser, Information Access and Copyright D: 04 463 5...
Dear Scott   Please find attached the NZ Police response to your OIA.   Ngā mihi   Hannah Wright-McCarthy Ministerial Services Advisor...
Capital Gains Tax: Current IRD Implementation Work
Response by Grant Robertson to Matthew Hooton on .
Partially successful.
Hi Matthew   Please find attached a letter from the Minister of Finance.    My regards to all the Hooton/Wood families – hope all is well.  ...
Testing regime for cereal used in toxic baits
Response by Department of Conservation to S C McKee on .
Partially successful.
Dear Stephanie   Please find attached our reply to your OIA request   Ngâ mihi Amanda Biodiversity Group Department of Conservation—Te Pap...
WorkSafe NZ Case Management Software
Response by WorkSafe New Zealand to Will on .
Kia ora Will   Please find attached correspondence from WorkSafe New Zealand.   Nga mihi   Ministerial Services 86 Customhouse Quay, PO B...
Information Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements
Request to Auckland Transport by Damian Light. Annotated by Damian Light on .
AT provided as much information as practically possible. Formal update to be posted onto AT website in coming weeks with further information to be m...
System manager northland expenses
Request to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne. Annotated by Mr Rodgers on .
Partially successful.
Hardly "heavily redacted". You can clearly see what has been spent, where and when. The name of the person has been redacted under s9 and (presumably...
Dear Steve Glassey, On behalf of Chris Rodwell Director Animal Health and Welfare, please find the response to your official information act request...
ZX Security
Response by Ministry of Social Development to Alex Harris on .
Partially successful.
Tēnā koe Alex Harris Please find attached the Ministry’s response to your Official Information Act request. Once again, I sincerely aplogise for the d...
Email with legal threat
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
you are allowed under OIA rules to redact any names in this email i will ask the ombudsman for a ruling on this Yours sincerely, gerard byrne
PDS - Auckland District Court - Jury Trial
Response by Ministry of Justice to Karl Bloxham on .
Kia ora Mr Bloxham,   Please find your OIA response attached.   Nga mihi, Julia     [1]
Hi barabara response to OIA4829 i am quite sure that the public would like to know that NZTA are hiring people of competence for specific roles. T...
Vehicle GPS and camera readings
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
Hi Barabara, response to OIA4826 These vehicles were driven by an NZTA employee. Does NZTA not keep records of vehicles that are regularly drive b...
era HR notes
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
Hi Barabara, response to OIA4794 These notes were not prepared for a proceeding, but made by a NZTA HR rep during a public proceeding. It is in t...
Speeding in nzta vehicles
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
Hi Barabara, Response to OIA 4781. Thank you for that. What about all GPS recordings etc from vehicles that are not owned by NZTA but are driven r...
Northland journey manager expenses
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
Partially successful.
Hi Barbara, in reply to OIA 4780 these are heavily redacted. surely it is in the public interest to know what is being spent on the expense card...
Dear Megan,   There is no current by-law regulating the operation of buses specifically in high winds in NZ. There is a criteria for buses, includ...
Bullying accusations Northland office
Follow up sent to New Zealand Transport Agency by gerard byrne on .
Hi Barbara, perhaps you didnt research the question properly. i have complained to the ombudsman about this reply , as evidence i have in my posses...
  Dear I. B. Lee   Please find the information you seek and our responses in italics annotated to each of your questions:   1.            Th...
Hello Tony,   Thank you for your patience.   Having checked with the relevant Council teams, I can advise that we have one formal letter from GWRC...