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Scholarship results by school
Response by New Zealand Qualifications Authority to Albert on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Albert Please find attached the response to your OIA requests below. Ngā mihi NZQA Ministerials team
Kia ora Matthew, Thank you for your prompt and very complete response to my OIA. It is very refreshing to have an agency respond so positively and...
Please find the attached response to your request for information.   Ngâ mihi nui   Georgia Tawharu Adviser, Information Access & Copyright...
Dear Mr Lee   I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act (OIA) request below. Your request is being actioned pursuant to the Act.   Ki...
OIA and PA requests
Response by Ministry of Social Development to K Lambert on .
Awaiting classification.
    Tçnâ koe K Lambert   Please find attached the Ministry’s response to your Official Information Act request.   Nâ mâtou noa, nâ   O...
Kia ora Blaize Please find attached our response to your official information request dated 03 February 2020. If you have any questions about the re...
Payments as part of legal action
Response by New Zealand Police to BAW Russell on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Russell Please find attached the NZ Police response to your request.  Kind regards Ministerial Services PNHQ ============================...
Aggregated Scooter trip data
Follow up sent to Auckland Council by Oliver Bruce on .
Awaiting classification.
Yes - that is what I am requesting. Please let me know if that would be possible. Yours sincerely, Oliver Bruce
Advisory Panel
Response by Auckland Council to john luke on .
Kia ora John,   Thanks for your interest in the council’s advisory panels. I am not sure which advisory panel you are specifically interested in as...
Compliance with Land Transport Act
Response by Auckland Transport to James Scott on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora James,   I’ve attached the official information you asked for   On 27 November 2019  you asked for information about infringement notice...
Information and hospital access policies
Response by Ministry of Health to Amy S Van Wey Lovatt on .
Awaiting classification.
Kia ora Amy The Ministry's decision to refuse your request under 18(e) still stands. If you are unsatisfied with the response, you may wish to appro...
Kia ora Amy The Ministry has provided you with a complete list that is held by the Ministry. If you are unsatisfied with Ministry's response, you ma...
Police on Social Media
Follow up sent to New Zealand Police by Ian McDonald on .
Thank you very much, this concludes my request in full. Thank you to all those involved in providing the information. Yours faithfully, Ian McDon...
The request was refused because the DIA "conducted a thorough search and has determined it does not hold any of the information" I requested. This seem...
Accessibility Advisory Committee Appointment Process
Response by Wellington City Council to S. Paurini on .
Partially successful.
Kia ora S. Paurini   I refer to your request for information dated 27 January 2020. You requested the following information: •  What is the AAG'...
Entry scores into medicine and dentistry 2020
Follow up sent to University of Otago by Albert on .
Awaiting classification.
Yes, I would like an update on the date mentioned Yours sincerely, Albert
Response by University of Otago to Albert on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Albert,   Please find attached, a response to your Official Information Act request of 27 January 2020.   Ngâ manaakitanga, Claire  ...
Kia ora,   We have received the query below. This data is publicly available and therefore will not need to be treated under an OIA.   The stu...
Kia ora Mr Sakshee   Please see your OIA response regarding asylum seekers who were recognised as refugees or protected persons.   Kind regard...
Thank you very much for your response to my request. In my request that I submitted, I requested the "the checklist used by IANZ to ensure that all...
Full rep
Response by New Zealand Police to Animesh Panda on .
Awaiting classification.
Good Afternoon   Your request has been received by New Zealand Police.   It will now be allocated for response.   Kind regards   Ministerial Se...
ministerial appointment OIA ACT request
Follow up sent to Ministry of Social Development by john luke on .
Ok, I see, Thanks Yours sincerely, john luke
NZS Reform Package
Response by Ministry of Social Development to Jan McKeogh on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Jan,   This email is to follow up to your Official Information Act request that we responded to in July 2019 (your original request and our r...
Shaping Future Dunedin Scenarios
Response by Dunedin City Council to Caleb on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Caleb   I refer to your request below seeking a copy of the two high level network scenarios.   As the documents you have requested will beco...
Resource consent for 70 Sale Street
Response by Auckland Council to Stephen Davis on .
Partially successful.
  Hi Stephen,   Please find attached the decision reports.   Please contact us back if you need further assistance with this query.   Tha...