RFP for new computer system, and related decision documents

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From: Chris Clarke

Dear The Correspondence School,

We wish to see the Request For Pricing - and/or other related principal procurement document - used for the process of determining the recent supply of the new Primary School Content and Information management system.

In addition, please supply the responses from the potential suppliers (pricing may be supplied in bands of 10 or 100 k, or withheld if considered commercially sensitive), and all emails or other recorded comments that discuss and identify the principle and other reasons for the supplier and solution choice made.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Clarke

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Attachment Extracts from Board papers relating to the selection decision for the Student Management System.pdf
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Attachment PDF RFP SMS Part B1 FINAL 2008 08 11.pdf
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Attachment PDF RFP 22871 Evaluation Short listing recommendation for SMS Version 1 4.pdf
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Attachment PDF Stage 2 Processes Evaluation Guidelines 2008 09 01.pdf
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Attachment PDF Stage 2 Processes Procurement Plan 2008 09 11.pdf
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Kia ora Mr Clarke ****

** **

I am responding to your request below of 22 February 2012 for information,
in terms of the Official Information Act 1982, on the =93RFP for new comput=
system and related decision documents.=94 I am assuming that that by the

=93Request for Pricing=94 you mean Request for Proposal (RFP) and that by t=
=93Primary School Content and Information management system,=94 you mean
Student Management System (SMS). ****


The RFP for the SMS was advertised in August 2008 on GETS (RFP #22871)
within New Zealand, and in two major Australian daily newspapers, the
Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age. **

Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS) was one of two respondents to the SMS

RFP. The second respondent was not compliant with the RFP process. ****

Following the initial evaluation, a second formal evaluation process was
carried out in September and October 2008, followed by product

demonstrations during November and December 2008. ****

** **

The evaluation process was conducted in accordance with *=91Systems
Replacement Project Stage 2 Processes: Evaluation Guidelines
(attached),=91Systems Replacement Project Stage 2 Processes: Procurement

Plan=92(attached) *and the RFP rules relating to non compliant responses
which are set out on page 15 in Section 4.2.2 of the RFP document. ****

ITS was formally awarded the SMS contract in February 2009. ****

*Non-disclosure *

As the RFP responses from both suppliers include information that is
commercially sensitive, these responses cannot be disclosed. (Refer OIA
1982 s9 (2)i)****

Where indicated in the documents below, other information has been withheld

in terms of s9 (2) (a) of the OIA 1982.****

*Documents attached *

I enclose the following documentation.****

**=B7 **The RFP template (Parts A, B1 and B2) advertised on GETS in
August 2008 ****

**=B7 **The Systems Replacement Project Stage 2 Processes: Evaluati=

**=B7 **Systems Replacement Project Stage 2 Processes: Procurement

**=B7 **(RFP #22871): Student Management System Evaluation Team

Short-Listing Recommendations ****

**=B7 **Decision records: Extracts from Board papers****

** **

You need to be aware that the discussions, comments and minutes recorded in
these documents took place in 2008, at the time the selection of supplier

was being made. Subsequent to that, there was a lengthy period (April to
October 2009) of verification of requirements when many of the issues
raised in the 2008 documents were addressed and resolved. ****

*Further documentation *

It would take a considerable amount of research and time to retrieve all
emails and other recorded comments from mid 2008 onwards relating to SMS.
Te Kura is happy to give you a quote to have this work done and an

indication of how long it would take.****

** **

Margaret Gamlin****

*Chief Advisor to the CE*

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu-The Correspondence School ****

** **

Telephone: 04 4744301****

[mobile number]****

Address: Private Bag, 39992,Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045 ****

Website: [1]www.tekura.school.nz


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