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Extracts from Board of Trustees meeting papers relating to the selection decision for the Student 
Management System  
November 2008 Board Meeting  
SRP Report 
Executive Summary 
  Tenders closed on 15 September and the responses are presently being evaluated. 
  We  have  received  only  one  compliant  proposal  for  the  SMS.  The  initial  meeting  of  the  SMS  Functional 
Evaluation Team concluded that the proposal is thorough and addresses most of our requirements, though 
some questions inevitably remain. Contingent upon similar views from the Finance and Business Evaluation 
Teams, it is considered worth pursuing to the next stage of asking the vendor to prepare a presentation. 
December 2008 Board Meeting 
SRP Report 
Executive Summary 
  The SMS tender response has been initially evaluated and is considered worth pursuing further. 

One on one briefing sessions with a number of the School’s subject matter experts have been arranged for 
24/25 November, to brief ITS staff on the more specialised details of our business processes, preparatory 
to their presentations. 

ITS will formally present their proposal to TCS on 1 December, followed by a structured, scenario-based 
presentation on 2 December, and an informal “open house” product demonstration on 3 December. 
  To facilitate timely approval to proceed during the potentially difficult December-January period, 
it is requested that the Board authorise the Chair, Patricia McKelvey, to approve contract 
negotiation and, potentially, sign-off, with Integrated Tertiary Software Inc., without further 
formal reference to the full Board of Trustees, provided the best current cost estimate for the 
SMS and OTLE initiatives combined do not exceed the $5,506,650 “highest estimate” presented in 
the Business Case signed off by the Board in August. 
Minutes of December 2008 Board Meeting 
Authorised the Chair and one other Trustee to approve contract negotiation and, potentially, sign-off, 
with Integrated Tertiary Software Inc., without further formal reference to the full Board of Trustees, 
provided the best current cost estimate for the SMS and OTLE initiatives combined do not exceed the 
$5.5M “highest estimate” capital cost presented in the Business Case signed off by the Board in August. 

February 2009 Board Meeting  
SRP Report 
Executive Summary 
  Since the last written report prepared for the BOT (written 19 November 2008, for the 3 December meeting): 

ITS has been selected as the School’s preferred SMS supplier. Further work is underway to resolve as 
many of the contractual questions as possible, preparatory to the ITS team returning to New Zealand to 
agree any last points and finalise a contract.