Copy of 2014 paper from Wallaceville Animal Research Centre re dogs and 1080 testing

Leo Exel made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

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From: Leo Exel

Dear Department of Conservation,

On the "1080 Science" website a paper from 2014 is cited where dogs were fed 1080 poisoned carcasses of a rabbit, then a hogget. I am not sure if this study was conducted by DOC or just quoted in a DOC publication. Could you advise please as perhaps I should direct this query to MPI?

If you have a copy of this paper I would be grateful for a copy, or any advice on where I can find it.

The information on that website states the author was S. Deverell, 2014, DOC, 'Assessment of Environmental Effects for Rat and Possum Control in Eastern Kahurangi National Park. Application for Resource Consent pursuant to Section 88 of the Resource Management Act 1991'. It states: “During tests at the Wallaceville Animal Research Centre a rabbit was offered 1080 in bait form and it consumed enough poison to kill 11 dogs, the rabbit died in 1 h 45m, it was skinned, gutted and fed to a 12kg dog. This dog showed no observable effects from consuming the carcass. However should the dog have consumed the gut contents from the rabbit it would have certainly died. A similar study used a small hogget; this hogget was fed 20 lethal doses of 1080 and it died in 2 hours. The carcass was dressed cleaned and the meat was fed to 5 dogs. Two of these dogs died, two showed no observable symptoms and one showed mild poisoning symptoms but recovered fully the next day.”

Yours faithfully,

Leonie Exel

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