Moehau 1080 poisoning in 2021 - five questions

Wendy Pond made this Official Information request to Waikato District Health Board

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From: Wendy Pond

Dear Waikato District Health Board,
1. Has the Board received an application during 2021 requesting permission for use of VTA 1080 for poisoning of Moehau Public Conservation Lands ?

2. Please provide a full copy of the application for permission.
Please include (i). the full communication logs and correspondence concerning consultation, (ii). statements by the applicant explaining why they have not complied with the Communications guideline for aerial 1080 operations.

3. Since the intention to conduct an aerial 1080 poisoning of Moehau was advertised by Department of Conservation, please provide all correspondence between WDHB and DOC concerning an application and operation.

4. Please provide all correspondence received from the public concerning an anticipated application for permission to use aerial 1080 on Moehau during 2021.

5. Please explain the statement, WDHB cannot refuse permission.

Yours faithfully,

Wendy Pond

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