Evidence behind photograph of multiple dead kiwi, from DOC Bay of Islands

Leo Exel made this Official Information request to Department of Conservation

The request was successful.

From: Leo Exel

Dear Department of Conservation,

There has been a photograph of dead kiwi circulating in Northland for several years. It has been described incorrectly on numerous occasions. I would like to know the facts/evidence behind this photo.

A copy of the photo is in the link below, which shows a post from the Bay Bush Action Facebook page. The caption states that the photograph came to them from DOC Bay of Islands, and was around 50 kiwi killed by cars and dogs in the Kerikeri region over a three year period. This is third party information which is why I am querying DOC on this.


Would you please provide evidence to show how these kiwi died, over what period, and where. Please also advise on the source of the photo, e.g. were those kiwi held in BOI DOC office, where was the photo taken etc.

Yours faithfully,

Leonie Exel

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