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James Wilson made this Official Information request to Wellington City Council

The request was partially successful.

From: James Wilson

Dear Wellington City Council,

As noted in an email I recieved on June 26th, I am told that Makara Peak mountain bike park has a health and safety plan. I request that I be provided with a copy of that plan 1) As it was on that date, or around that date but before that date. 2) A copy of that plan as it currently reads.

I also request copies of resource consents and approved designs for any or all retaining walls and bridges within the park (excepting the large suspension bridge, constructed last year, and the two smaller bridges crossing Karori Stream).

I also request any documents WCC holds or has created, which would prove WCC's claim that tracks at Makara are audited/inspected for safety matters - such as collapsing retaining walls.

As I use this facility as a member of the public, and as I have volunteered there, and as I am a member of "makara peak supporters" I feel I have a right to see such documents; in particular the health and safety plan for the park.

Yours faithfully,

Dr James Wilson

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From: BUS: IRO
Wellington City Council

Thank you for your email, sent to the Issues Resolution Office at Wellington City Council.

This email address is monitored throughout the day, and emails are actioned on a priority basis. Where required, you will be contacted in due course.

We appreciate your patience.

Wellington City Council Issues Resolution Office.

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From: Chris Brown
Wellington City Council

Attachment 04 Retaining Wall.pdf
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Attachment 05 900 Wide Boardwalk.pdf
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Attachment 06 1200 Wide Boardwalk.pdf
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Attachment boardwalk old low key wcc.pdf
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Attachment Boardwalk Small Wetland Forest Floor.pdf
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Attachment makara peak ssa.pdf
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Attachment Makara Peak Track Maintenance Renewals Plan.pdf
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Attachment specs plans for koru now lazy fern retaining and handrails 2005.pdf
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Attachment WCC Volunteer Activity Hazzard Assessment Trail building.docx.pdf
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Attachment Councils Hazard and Risk Register 2015 9Nov2015.docx.pdf
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Attachment IRO 5969 FYI Wilson 01.pdf
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Hello Mr Wilson,

Thank you for the below request.

Please find the Council response, and multiple supporting documents attached.

Kind regards

Chris Brown | Assurance Advisor | Complaints & Information Assurance | Wellington City Council
P 04 803 8368
E [email address] | W | |

IMPORTANT: The information contained in this email may be confidential or legally privileged. It is intended solely for the recipient or recipients named in this message. Please note that if you are not the intended recipient you are not authorised to use, copy or distribute the email or any information contained in it. If you have received this email in error, please advise the sender immediately and destroy the original message and any attachments.

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From: James Wilson

Dear Chris Brown,

Thank you for your assistance, and offer to provide further information.

I would be very interested in receiving copies of the bridge/track/wall inspections for the track known as Sally Alley. This could be emailed either here, or to [email address].

It appears that none of these documents are a health and safety plan for Makara Peak. Some of these documents are not related to Makara Peak at all; they are broad council-wide risk assessments.

An email from Council staff member referenced exactly such a plan, in response to concerns I have about collapsing structures at the park. I have quoted from this email;

"The Makara Peak Master plan is primarily focussed on the long term development of Makara Peak from an asset perspective .It is not necessary to document the specific ways the assets will be built or the health and safety obligations of the Council here. These obligations are identified and documented during the build documentation either from a contractor or volunteer perspective. Note that we have an MOU with the Supporters and a health and safety plan for the Park. "

Does WCC have a health and safety plan for Makara Peak or not?

If WCC did have such a plan on the 26th of June 2017, when a council staff member claimed such a plan existed, can I please have a copy of this plan?

Yours sincerely,

Dr James Wilson

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