Vehicle safety rating labels - vulnerable users factored in?

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From: Adam Parkinson

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

Motor vehicle traders get behind safety rating label- today you announced safety ratings for vehicles.
Given the rapid rise in DSIs for vulnerable users outside of vehicles please advise
1. How safety for people not in the vehicle is factored in to this system - vulnerable users like pedestrians and cyclists.
2. How the weighting system for the final score works and how the weight of risks to people outside the vehicle are assessed.
3, Does NZTA recognise that vulnerable users outside of vehicles need added protection and that these vehicle ratings might influence that, as well as choices made by vehicle buyers.
4. Are NZTA advocating for effective engineering controls (rather than these sorts of administrative controls these vehicle safety ratings are), such as geo fencing, speed limiters, geo fenced speed controls - for vehicles to make a meaningful dent in the worsening DSI stats for Aotearoa?


Yours faithfully,
Adam Parkinson

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From: Official Correspondence
New Zealand Transport Agency

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Dear Adam,


This email acknowledges receipt of your below correspondence.


Your correspondence has been forwarded to the appropriate section of Waka
Kotahi NZ Transport Agency, and a response will be provided to you as soon
as possible.


If you would like to contact us about this, please respond to us by email
at [1][email address].




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