Employment of Tania McInnes

dave hookway made this Official Information request to Far North Holdings Limited

The request was successful.

From: dave hookway

Dear Far North Holdings Limited,

I wish to know

1. Of Far North Holding's Senior Management Team and CEO - whether to the best of
their knowledge - has Tania McInnes been employed (directly or
indirectly via her company Gbt Ventures Limited) by them for work since the 2019 Local
Government election?
2. If so, how much has she been paid? (Although I acknowledge this
information may be withheld as provided for under the LGOIMA.)
3. If so, what is the nature of the work associated with such payment?
4. The dates she is/was employed from/to.

Yours faithfully,

dave hookway

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From: Kylie Cox
Far North Holdings Limited

Good afternoon Mr Hookway,


Thank you for your request.


I’ve been asked to respond with the following information by Chris
Galbraith, General Manager:


Tania McInnes has not been employed (directly or indirectly via her
company Gbt Ventures Limited) with Far North Holdings Limited to our


Kind Regards



Kylie Cox

Executive Assistant

Far North Holdings Limited

PO Box  7

OPUA, 0200

09 402 5659 or 027 518 9127

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