Far North Holdings Limited and Russell Wharf and Waterfront Trust

Andrew Riddell made this Official Information request to Far North Holdings Limited

The request was partially successful.

From: Andrew Riddell

Dear Far North Holdings Limited,

I am requesting all information (written and oral) and including copies of any communication, memoranda, meeting agendas and minutes, heads of agreement, contracts, briefing notes, file notes on the management and maintenance and upgrading of the Russell Wharf (including the rebuild of the southern landing, the replacement of the fuel jetty with a pontoon, and the current proposed wharf upgrade) that involve Far North Holdings Limited (both staff and directors) and the Russell Wharf and Waterfront Trust .

Yours faithfully,

Andrew Riddell

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From: Andrew Riddell

Dear Far North Holdings Limited,

Your response to my information request is now overdue.

Can I expect a reply soon?

Ngā mihi,

Andrew Riddell

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From: Kylie Cox
Far North Holdings Limited

Attachment Resource consent pdf issued 16.04.2018 Finalised 16 04 2018 ID APP.005667.11.01.pdf
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From: Chris Galbraith
Sent: Friday, 29 June 2018 2:58 p.m.
To: [email address]
Cc: Kylie Cox <[email address]>
Subject: Russell Wharf


Hi Andrew,


Sorry for the late reply on the information request. Attached is the
latest Resource Consent which includes all the plans (other than detail
building plans) for both the Wharf current, wharf with re-development, new
pontoons and decks and building. You will have seen a range of information
in the public domain from various quarters which is related – not sure of
the accuracy of some of this?


In terms of the Management Agreement we have with FNDC this would be
subject to their view on its ability to be provided under OIA provisions –
I don’t see a problem with it.


I cannot release to you the Contracts between FNHL and Service providers
but I believe Council could release the relevant financial information for
these developments. There is no prescription or document that we have in
relation to the Governance/Management model at this point other than what
Riki and the Wharf Trust have discussed publicly and are having drafted
via Russell McVeagh


If you could give me some specific items you want I can see if I can
release them at this end.


I am also about to apply for an Archaeological Approval for the sewer line
up Cass Street as well in the next couple of weeks.




Chris Galbraith   CMM

General Manager

Far North Holdings Limited

email: [1][email address]

Phone: 09 402 5659 [mobile number]



Kylie Cox

Executive Assistant

Far North Holdings Limited

PO Box  7

OPUA, 0200

09 402 5659 or 027 518 9127

[2][email address]




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3. http://www.fnhl.co.nz/

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Andrew Riddell left an annotation ()

I think I have received a very small portion of the informaiton, and that other information looks like it has been refused, although the reply from Far North Holdings does not cite any sections of the Act it is relying on, and, frankly, seems to be a bit of an unfocused ramble.

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