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Good afternoon Anthony, Please see the attached email dated 13 June 2023 in response to your request for information dated 30 May 2023. I’m not ce...
Good afternoon Anna,   Please find the Council’s response following, to your LGOIMA request dated 22 May 2024.   Please supply all documentati...
Camping ground licences
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Tim Carter on .
Information not held.
Good afternoon Tim, Please confirm whether you’ve requested the Camp Ground licensing informaiton from city/district councils. If you have not the...
Please find our responses to your requests for information below.     Dear Hawke's Bay Regional Council, I seek information on staff turn over...
ECC/EOC Seismic Resilience
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Frank on .
Kia Ora Frank, this is our response to your LGOIMA request: Covering Information: The CDEM Group Office is administered by the Hawke's Bay Regional...
Good evening Anthony,   Please find the information you requested attached, which completes your request, and note the comments in relation to fur...
Kia ora john luke, We're keen to hear what you thought of our customer service. Please take a moment to answer one simple question by clicking eithe...
Papanui water tests 2015 to 2019
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Andrew Wilson on .
Awaiting classification.
Good morning Andrew,   Attached is the information to fulfil your LGOIMA request dated 22 October 2019. Apologies for the delay in providing the...
Papanui water tests
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Andrew Wilson on .
Partially successful.
Hello Mr Wilson,   A request was received by council to provide: for June 2015 thru August 2019 raw sampling results data (not averaged) from:...
Thank you for the extremely quick response. If only the other agencies could do the same :). I had a quick read through the minutes from your Augu...
Sorry Alex, I attached the wrong document. Here is the correct one. Cheers Malcolm   From: Malcolm Miller Sent: Friday, 12 July 2019 2:04 PM To:...
Legality of vehicles parked on roads for sale
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Pankaj Girhotra on .
Information not held.
Good afternoon Pankaj,   Thank you for your enquiry (below) dated 12 January 2019.   As a Regional Council, HBRC does not have any functions re...
Thompson & Clark
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Alex Harris on .
Good afternoon Alex, This email acknowledges receipt of your LGOIMA request dated 5 July 2018, and advises that HBRC does not hold any information on...
Joel My apologies as the 'sender' as well. Obviously technology challenged me on the day. Viv
Mayor and Councillor attendance this term
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to aimee w on .
I am away on leave Friday 5 August, and will respond to your email upon my return to the office Monday morning. However if you need assistance in th...
OIA request re Talleys group
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Helen kelly on .
Information not held.
Helen, I have searched our data base for "Talleys" and have not found any consents held in that name. We do not know the extent of companies owned by t...
Resource consent to wairoa district council
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Benita Cairns on .
Partially successful.
Good morning Benita   Thank you for your enquiry. Please find attached a copy of the resource consent, as requested. Unfortunately the applicat...
Thank you for you prompt attention to my request and reply. The information provided is helpful. Yours sincerely, Matthew Hawkins
Ground water monitoring network
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to G Robertshaw on .
Partially successful.
Good Dr Robertshaw   This email is acknowledgement that HBRC has received your LGOIMA request dated Thursday 7 April 2016 (email sent at 6.57pm),...
Groundwater nitrate concentrations
Follow up sent to Hawke's Bay Regional Council by G Robertshaw on .
Withdrawn by the requester.
After speaking to Stephen Swabey I am withdrawing these LGOIMA requests. Many thanks Yours sincerely, G Robertshaw
Good afternoon Joel,   Please consider this email as Council’s decision to provide the information you requested under LGOIMA s10 via email on 28...
Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Morgan Varaine on .
Good morning Morgan Please call me if you wish to discuss my earlier email response. Kind regards Drew Broadley | 06 835 2632, 029 445 8290
Response by Hawke's Bay Regional Council to Sam Fraser on .
Sorry for the delay, Samuel. Unfortunately I’ve had some technical issues to resolve. Here are some of the files and there is one more to come. Re...
Good afternoon Mr Harris, I am writing in response to your LGOIMA request, which HBRC received on Wednesday 18 April. Yes - HBRC does open its Region...

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