Request for copies of all official information and ACC Policy Documentation in relation to the "Intricate Client Unit" at Wellington Branch

David Lawson made this Official Information request to Accident Compensation Corporation

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Accident Compensation Corporation should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: David Lawson

Dear Accident Compensation Corporation/Government Services,

I refer you to my associated email sent to [email address] today in which I attach a PDF document copied from my Treatment Injury claim number 10031959540.

The PDF contains a copy of page 17 of my claims summary report for treatment Injury claim number 10031959540, from a claim file that was generated by ACC on 17 March 2016.

I draw your specific attention to Mr Warren Maguire's entry of the 21-08-2015 at 9.23 am in which Mr Warren Maguire describes aspects of his telephone conversation with Ms Cara Hartland TCM at Henderson Branch.

ACC's Mr Warren Maguire's entry is quoted as follows;

Party : Mr David Lawson Contact date/time 21-08-2015 09:23
Reason : Contact with Internal Party Last update date/time 21-08-2015 09:46
Discussion with: Warren Maguire
Description: P/call to Cara Hartland, TCM at Henderson Branch about claim 10018973176 - claim 10018973176 has been transferred to 'Intricate Client Unit' at Wellington Branch'.
Contact Method: Phone Direction : Internal

Official Information Request:

I respectfully request from ACC the provision of copies of all official information, inclusive of all policy documentation, training materials, memo's, and business plans etc, associated with the ACC's "Intricate Client Unit" at Wellington Branch.

Within the pending Official Information in respect of the information that ACC will be forwarding to me about ACC's "Intricate Client Unit" at Wellington Branch, please ensure that I am provided with copies of all official information associated with the following information is also included, containing copies of the original;-

- Business case put forward for the introduction of an Intricate Client unit at the Wellington Branch, and
- copies of all Memo's, training manuals, training material, meeting minutes, released by the Corporation to their own staff or third parties,
- the criteria for which client's are placed in the intricate client unit,
- who has the delegation to request that a client be placed in the intricate claims unit,
-the claims management processes applied to claimants placed in the intricate client unit and how this differs to the client that remains at their local ACC branch,
-the number of client's whom have been placed in the Intricate client unit for each annual period between 2013 and present, and for what percentage of ACC claimants placed in the Intricate Client Unit were engaged in either review and or appeal processes at the stage when ACC placed that client in the intricate client unit.

I advise that under s16(2) of the Official Information Act, my preferred way of receiving a response is by email to the address from which ACC received the original request, not by post and appreciate your help and assistance.

Yours faithfully,

David Lawson

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From: Government Services
Accident Compensation Corporation

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Good afternoon Mr Lawson


Please find attached ACC’s response to your request of 28 June 2018.



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