What action was taken in case number CAS-322544-Y7Z1G6 student vs Bus Driver Complaint

Vinayak Shenoy made this Official Information request to Auckland Transport

The request was partially successful.

From: Vinayak Shenoy

Dear Auckland Transport,

I am a bus driver at NZ Bus, North Star branch. A school girl had mistakenly reported the wrong date regarding Complaint Number CAS-322544-Y7Z1G6 that mentions the rude behaviour of the bus driver involved in altercation with other road users, and refusal to give his own details to the third party in bus v/s car accident; on 2 separate occasions.

Incidentally, in a random conversation with another driver, he conceded the incidents. My performance record was degraded nonetheless. I objected to the way this was handled asking for an investigation and requesting that the least the Supervisor could do was consult me about any complaints before judging me in the performance record; he said he did not appreciate being told what to do; reminded me that I was an employee and he was my Supervisor, and that he would NOT be conducting any investigation and also that that's how the paperwork is always done in this company. A standard response is sent to Auckland Transport and that is the end of matter. That was his response.

I would greatly appreciate if you could disclose the response that NZ Bus sent you relating to the above complaint number under the OIA as I am unable to bring about a decent level of fairness in the workplace.

Yours faithfully,
Vinayak Shenoy.
Thursday August 11, 2016

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From: CustomerLiaison (AT)
Auckland Transport

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Dear Vinayak


Thank you for contacting Auckland Transport on 11 August 2016 requesting
the NZ Bus response in respect of a bus driver complaint referenced under


Please find attached a response for information requested under the Local
Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.


Kind regards


Susana Fuiono | Customer Liaison Advisor [3]Description: Description:
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P 09 355 3553 Description: Email-Signature

E [email address]

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Vinayak Shenoy left an annotation ()

The company did tell me that they have sent Auckland Transport the response for the above complaint number. Just wanted to read what response could they have sent you when they are unwilling to investigate or unapologetic of declaring me as guilty in the performance record. You might not be sent the personal data of the employee; however, it does seem odd that the company can just place a question mark on my character and be done with it. Any way, thanks for sorting it out.

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