All documentation and communication held in regards to a specific case.

Mr. A Thomson made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

This request has been withdrawn by the person who made it. There may be an explanation in the correspondence below.

From: Mr. A Thomson

Dear Ministry of Justice,

I wish to request any and all documentation, or any other forms of information including communications, in relation to the Matthew John Hall death at 118 Broderick Road, Johnsonville, on February 15th, 2011.

I have sent an information request to Coronial Services also, but I am interested in what was gathered and held by police, what was eventually provided to Coronial Services some years later, and the process & findings of all involved.

If this is not a reasonable request then I wish to establish some dialogue as to what exactly is available.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. A Thomson

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Mr. A Thomson left an annotation ()

Additionally I would like to add that these be provided to me directly via either email or post, and not posted publicly if at all possible.

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From: correspondence, official
Ministry of Justice

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Dear Mr Thomson,

Please see the attached letter regarding your Official Information Act request.

Kind Regards,

Shane Gordon
Advisor | Official Correspondence
Ministry of Justice | Tāhū o te Ture

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From: Mr. A Thomson

Dear correspondence, official,

I wish to withdraw my request at this time for all documentation and communication held.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. A Thomson

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