Information about 'The finders' cult

Fraser made this Official Information request to New Zealand Police

The request was refused by New Zealand Police.

From: Fraser

Dear New Zealand Police,

Any information related to The Finders cult and any history they may have had in NZ up to the present day. Recent declassified FBI documents state the finders were a cult who rose to infamy in 1987 for their child sex abuse rituals.

Yours faithfully,

Fraser Galbraith

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New Zealand Police

Attachment Galbraith Fraser IR 01 19 29319 OIA Response Letter.pdf
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Dear Mr Galbraith
Please find attached the NZ Police response to your Official information
Act request. 
Kind regards
Ministerial Services



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Mark Montgomery left an annotation ()

Police state they have no information that could assist the requester and have therefore refused the request

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