Fuel use by defence force

Stuart Moriarty-Patten made this Official Information request to Ministry of Defence

The request was partially successful.

From: Stuart Moriarty-Patten

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Would it be possible to tell me how many barrels of petroleum fuel have been used by the NZ Defence Force on a yearly basis for the last decade

What is the cost of the fuel it has bought

Typical fuel consumption in litres per km for vehicles (sky, sea as well as land) used

Does the defence force keep a track of its greenhouse gas emissions

Does it have plans to reduce them

Have any plans to cut its carbon footprint been implemented already

Yours faithfully,

Stuart Moriarty-Patten

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From: Information
Ministry of Defence

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Dear Mr Moriarty-Patten,

Thank you for your email of 14 June regarding the NZDF's fuel consumption. Please find attached a copy of our response.

Kind regards,
Ministry of Defence


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From: Ministerial Services

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