Feedback from other government agencies on proposals to introduce roadside testing for drugged driving

J Thurston made this Official Information request to Ministry of Transport

The request was successful.

From: J Thurston

Dear Ministry of Transport,

I would like to request formal feedback received by the ministry of transport on previous proposals to introduce roadside testing for drivers under the influence of drugs. I am not requesting all communication from other agencies, but rather feedback on previous draft cabinet papers and SUVs discussion documents, regardless of whether those papers or documents were ever finalised.

In particular I am interested in feedback from police, ministry of justice, and the department of corrections. I am requesting feedback or comments or concerns or costings received by MoT from 2015 through to 2017.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to clarify the scope of this request. I am including emails from agencies that provide comment on papers and emails that provide summaries of the agency's views.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Matthew Stone
Ministry of Transport

Hi J Thurston,
I am just emailing regarding your OIA request of 15 May 2019 regarding feedback from other Government agencies on the proposals to introduce roadside testing for drugged driving.

To clarify the scope and provide a comprehensive response to your request, we've checked for the existence of any relevant information as you've requested. However, because the project involved both current and previously employed members of MOT it is proving difficult to collate all of the relevant emails and documents from that time. If you wish us to undertake a more complete search of the emails within our system, we may need to extend this request.

However, from reading the wording of your request it looks that your intent is to find information outlining the position of the different Government departments on the proposals (with emphasise on NZ Police, the Ministry of Justice, and the Department of Corrections). Departmental consultation and the positions of each consulted Government agencies was outlined in the two Cabinet papers developed between 2015 and 2017. These papers were finalised and include the final comments, concerns, and estimated costs of the proposals.

In order to provide with relevant and useful information within the standard timeframe we could provide you with these Cabinet papers, along with the finalised Regulatory Impact Assessment. Can you confirm whether this information would sufficiently answer your request?

Kind regards,

Matthew Stone
Adviser, Mobility & Safety
Ministry of Transport - Te Manatu Waka

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From: J Thurston

Dear Matthew Stone,

Thank you for your response.

Providing those cabinet papers and the regulatory impact statement would answer my request if those papers present the positions of other government agencies, particularly corrections, justice, and police. I would be happy with that response.

Yours sincerely,

J Thurston

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From: Seb Brown
Ministry of Transport

Attachment Signed response to Official Information Act request.pdf
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Attachment 1 Cabinet paper Reducing Road Trauma Random Drug Testing For Drivers.pdf
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Attachment 2 Regulatory Impact Statement Reducing Road Trauma Random Drug Testing for Drivers.pdf
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Attachment 3 Cabinet paper Additional Measure to Address Drug Driving.pdf
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Attachment 4 Regulatory Impact Statement Additional Measure to Reduce Drug Driving.pdf
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Good morning J Thurston,

Please find attached the response to your request of the Ministry of Transport dated 15 May 2019, pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982.

Kind regards

Seb Brown
Adviser, Mobility & Safety
Ministry of Transport – Te Manatū Waka
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