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Kingsway School has a Senior and Junior campus, requests are set to be delivered to the Senior campus reception.

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School policy on queer students
Response by Kingsway School to BFS on .
Dear Francesca Please find attached reply to your request below. Thank you KingsWay School 22 September 2023 Bella-Francesca Stuart c/o 7 Esther Pl...
Request sent to Kingsway School by Blake on .
Long overdue.
Has the school management or board of trustees been aware of any misconduct in the last 4 years (to avoid privacy concerns there is no need to menti...
Education council amendment rules 2018
Response by Kingsway School to Blake on .
Awaiting classification.
Thank you for your email. Please note that KingsWay School is closed for the school holidays and will reopen on Monday, 9th October. I will respond t...
Communications regarding resignations in 2021
Response by Kingsway School to Blake on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Blake Please see our reply to your subsequent email dated 11th September. Thank you KingsWay School
Uptake percentage of Gardasil vaccine in 2017
Response by Kingsway School to Virginia Crawford on .
Information not held.
Dear Virginia All good. I have just chatted to the school nurse and she has clarified that she has no record of the uptake of this vaccine as she sends...

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