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jessica fathom made this Official Information request to Ministry of Justice

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From: jessica fathom

Dear Ministry of Justice,

This is an Official Information Act request seeking information about the records management of text messages (SMS) sent/received on staff work phones and how text messages are stored and archived on a central document management system.

Please provide the policy and procedure around the records management of text messages sent/received on staff work phones. Please also provide any operational documents about how the Ministry ensures all text messages sent/received on staff phones are captured on a document management system – for example, instructions given to staff on record management obligations regarding text messages.

Please provide the product description and operational set up of software installed on any staff phones to back up and store text messages to a document management system.

Lastly, in the month of September 2012 around how many text messages sent/received on staff phones were stored on the Ministry’s central document management system?

Yours faithfully,

jessica fathom

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From: official correspondence
Ministry of Justice

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Dear Ms Fathom,
Please find attached a response to your Official Information Act request.

Official Correspondence Team I Ministry of Justice

PO Box 180 I Wellington 

Phone +64 4 918 8800



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Thank you.



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