Request seeking text messages sent by Cr Michael Laws

jessica fathom made this Official Information request to Whanganui District Council

The request was successful.

From: jessica fathom

Dear Wanganui District Council,

This request concerns a request from Alex Harris (the request) on 28 September 2012 and the Council's response.

I request all information regarding the request and Council's response that the Council holds.


What date did the Council contact Cr Laws with regard to the request.

What information did the Council provide Dr Laws regarding the request and response.

What was Cr Laws response? Please provides any records you have on this.

Has Cr Laws provided the Council the text messages the fall in scope of the request? If not, I seek any information about attempts to obtain the messages in scope by Council officers.

If you withhold any information, I request a description of the information you withhold.

Yours faithfully,

jessica fathom

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From: Paul Drake

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Good Afternoon Jessica
Acknowledgement of Request
Council acknowledges your request dated and received by Council on 8
October 2012 made under the Local Government Official Information and
Meetings Act 1987 (“the Act”).
Legislation governing request: Local Government Official Information and
Meetings Act 1987
Decision on the Request
Section 13 of the Act governs Council's decision on the request.
Council shall, as soon as reasonably practicable, and in no case later
than 20 working days after the day on which the request is received,
(a) Decide whether the request is to be granted and, if it is to be
granted, in what manner and for what charge (if any); and
(b) Give or post to the person who made the request notice of the decision
on the request.
The 20 working days has been calculated as being no later than 6 November
Reasonable Charge
Council is permitted to make a reasonable charge for the cost of the staff
time and materials involved in making the information available and for
any costs incurred pursuant to a request of the applicant to make the
information available urgently.
Council generally provides the first 30 minutes of staff time at no cost
(on frequent requests the charging for staff time will be assessed on a
case by case basis). Materials; e.g. photocopying, may be charged on any
information request depending on the quantity of materials involved in
providing the information.
Council has adopted the Ministry of Justice rate of $38.00 (incl. of GST)
per half hour in addition to administrative costs and photocopying costs.
Council will advise you prior to processing the request if a charge will
be incurred.
Contact Person
If you have any queries in relation to this matter please contact the
Kind Regards
Paul Drake
Legal Officer

Paul Drake
Legal Officer
Legal Services
Wanganui District Council

  06 349 0001
  06 349 0000
  [email address]
101 Guyton Street
      PO Box 637
      Wanganui   4500
      New Zealand

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From: Paul Drake

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Good Afternoon Ms Fathom


Please find attached the information requested by you.



Kind Regards



Paul Drake

Paul Drake
Legal Officer
Legal Services
Wanganui District Council

[1]T 06 349 0001
[2]F 06 349 0000
[3]M [7]Wanganui District Council
[5]Address 101 Guyton Street
      PO Box 637
      Wanganui 4500
      New Zealand

[6]Smart 21

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