Ministry guidelines on saving & retention of ministerial correspondence.

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From: J Sullivan

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Please provide a copy of the Ministry's policy and guidelines pertaining to the capture, preservation and storage of ministerial & departmental communications and correspondence.

Please reply by return, including transmission of any attached documentation.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

J Sullivan

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Luke C left an annotation ()

Do you want the records management/information management guidelines relating to capturing, storing, and maintaining correspondence as records?

Or do you want the IT policy guidelines relating to the computer network system and the security protocols for capturing, storing and maintaing correspondence as records?

Are you wanting the "policy and guidelines" given to staff (e.g. on the intranet) or used by technical experts?

Are you wanting just policy and guidelines, not processes/routines?

Are you looking for a policy that says what exactly? That ministerial correspondence is captured in x system, stored for x years, and after that point it is preserved for x years or destroyed).

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J Sullivan left an annotation ()

Thanks Luke,



I'm assuming a departmental policy & guidelines pertaining to recording, storage & retention of it's communications, if thorough, would cover all such permutations.

Or if not, at least make reference to those policy/procedure documents pertaining to those not provided in response.

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Ministry of Justice

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Good afternoon,

please see the attached response.

Kind regards,

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