Trial results for blocking the left of 3 lanes at Ngauranga,SH2 south going exit

Darren Conway made this Official Information request to New Zealand Transport Agency

Response to this request is long overdue. By law New Zealand Transport Agency should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Darren Conway

Dear New Zealand Transport Agency,

I have been advised that a trial has been conducted to test the effect of blocking the left of three lanes between the south going exit from SH2, and the traffic control lights at Ngauranga - Hutt Road intersection. I understand the trial was conducted to test if the left lane could be permanently blocked to enable widening of the Ngā Ūranga to Pito-One shared path as it passes through the road tunnel under SH2.

The request seeks information of the trial.

The information requested includes:
It is assumed that the trial plan includes Information on:
• The reason(s) for undertaking the trial?
• What were the trial objectives?
• How was the trial to be conducted?
• When was the trial conducted, including dates and times?
• Who planned the trial, recorded the data, and produced the trial report?

All of the above information is requested whether or not a Trial Plan exists, or it is contained in a trial plan.

What, if any, adjustments were made to the sequencing/timing of the traffic control lights at the Ngauranga Hutt Rd intersection before, during or after the trial?

Were any people tasked with manually recording data during the trial?
If so:
• what data were they instructed to collect?
• what data did they collect?
• where were they positioned?
• when (times/dates) did they collect data?
• was any data discarded, filtered, aglomerated or modified?
• was a drawing, sketch, or instructions produced to show where and how the lane was to be blocked?

It is assumed that a report was produced after the trial that answers the following questions:

What was the data collected?

Was the trial successful? If not, why not?

What were the conclusions of the trial?

Is another trial planned? If so, for what purpose?

What recommendations were made?

What, if any, post trial actions have been completed, proposed or are planned?

All of the above information is requested whether or not a Trial Report exists.

Yours faithfully,

Darren Conway

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