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From: Richard Wang

Dear Ministry of Health,

I understand that you are changing from reporting COVID numbers daily, to reporting weekly. People are questioning why this change, which both systematically reduces the PR impact of daily reporting COVID death numbers resulting from the failure to keep COVID out of New Zealand, and increases the friction for researchers monitoring for the inevitable boom in case numbers, was made.

1) Please provide all information held by MoH in regards this decision, preferably in electronic form, this should include internal reports and communications with other agencies and ministers.
2) The Official Information Act does not only cover documents, but information held by employees of an agency subject to such. In discussions regarding the change from daily to weekly reporting, was the impact on public perception of weekly reporting vs. daily reporting mentioned by any participant at any point, and if so, in what context?

Richard Wang

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From: OIA Requests

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Kia ora Richard,  


Thank you for your request for official information. The Ministry's
reference number for your request is: H2022012603.  


As required under the Official Information Act 1982, the Ministry will
endeavour to respond to your request no later than 20 working days after
the day your request was received. If you'd like to calculate the
timeframe, you can use the Ombudsman's online calculator
here: [1]  


If you have any queries related to this request, please do not hesitate to
get in touch. 


Ngā mihi 


OIA Services Team 

M[2]inistry of Health information releases 
U[3]nite against COVID-19 


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