Why is a notarized affidavit of life signed by competent witnesses not sufficient

tina marie kahurangi made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Department of Internal Affairs should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Kim Chambers
Maria Robertson
Jeff Montgomery

and all responsible associates

Request for official information; of a registrars job description

Request for official information of the form of authority given to registrars of BDM;

Provide any information, or legislation to show that witnessed affidavits are not accepted by the agents as evidence and proof to amend a record;

Yours faithfully,

tina marie kahurangi house of moke

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From: OIA
Department of Internal Affairs

Tçnâ koe Tina,

Thank you for your OIA request to the Department of Internal Affairs (included with this email)

The Department will provide its response to your request as soon as practicable and within twenty working days. The 20th working day is 19 July 2022

Please note that in cases where the Department’s response provides information that is identified to be of general public interest, the response may also be published on the Department of Internal Affairs website. If the Department publishes its response to your OIA request, all personal information, including your name and contact details, will be removed.

Nâku, nâ

Michelle Reed (she/her)  
Kaitohutohu Ârahi, te Ture Pârongo Ôkawa | Lead Advisor Official Correspondence 
Te Urûngi | Organisational Strategy & Performance
Level 6, 45 Pipitea St | PO Box 805, Wellington 6140, New Zealand |  www.dia.govt.nz

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From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear OIA,

internal affairs please respond here at fyi.org.nz

Yours sincerely,

tina marie kahurangi

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From: SDO Official Correspondence
Department of Internal Affairs

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Tēnā koe,


Please see attached for the response to your Official Information Act 1982


Ngā mihi,


Louise Walton [1](she/her)

Advisor Official Correspondence

Te Pāhekoheko, Kāwai ki te Iwi | Operations, Service Delivery and
Te Tari Taiwhenua | The Department of Internal Affairs





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1. https://www.publicservice.govt.nz/our-wo...
2. http://www.dia.govt.nz/

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From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear OIA,
i have read the information attached by BDM or DIA, it does not meet the requesters OIA request;

The simple request is:
Why is an affidavit of life instrument, that has been signed, finger printed, and witnessed with a seal of a public notary, not sufficient enough to amend the outdated information held with the registrar of BDM or DIA;

What authorizes the registrar to not amend the record, and what is their job description;

We do not wish for information from their websites, its not sufficient, we would like information that would satisfy the request;

Another matter: why do agencies escape answering simple, but genuine requests by using the OIA to refuse information when we are certain that information does exist, its been held in secret;

Cease the secrecy and provide the public the truth; for once and the requests will cease;
nga mihi
: tina-marie-kahurangi:

Yours sincerely,

tina marie kahurangi

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From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear SDO Official Correspondence,

You have not answered my request appropriately, sending my request to "your" internal affairs, OIA website doesn't satisfy the requestors request;

Request to provide me the NZ legislation that states an affidavit of life is not sufficient to amend a record;

Request for information of what is SUFFICIENT
Request for information of how to get the record amended
Request for information of how to bring agents of this corporation to account if they do not amend the record according to their own legislation [privacy act 2020, s22 principle 7]; besides your friend the Ombudsman?

Request to provide me under the jurisdiction of common law, a sufficient reason why a record that holds wrong information cannot be updated and amended;

Internal affairs agents refrain from using the Official information request to refuse requests under a certain section; as i am aware that the ombudsmans office, was to investigate, the use of certain legislation used by agents of agencies to justify not releasing the information, that people of the nation have a God given birth right to view;

Yours sincerely,

tina marie kahurangi

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