Close down all accounts in the name of the registered infant.

tnga made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

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From: tnga

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Attention: Jeff Montgomery - who is employed as a Registrar General & Adrian Jarvis acting as Deputy Registrar General;

In 2016 - 2017 - 2018 I sent notices and letters to you requesting under the OIA for personal and Private information, held on your index/registry. Your employees claimed that they provided all personal information to me but left out the most important by refusing to provide using clauses from the OIA. I also asked you, to confirm on the index the documents that I hold in my possession, which were 5 birth certificate documents. How does anyone end up with 5 possibly more birth documents and what are they all created for.

The most important document was the Source document called the Particulars for Registration of Birth. This document is the first ever document provided to your mother or father that records details of the born infant. On this document it does not require the infant to have a surname, and always remember that this document is about the infant and not about the mother and father. So whatever is on this document should reflect the infant alive, because it is suppose to be a live birth record.

As I have found out which I hold 5 documents none represent, reflect, or are a duplicate of the source document. Not to mention that upon the source document in column 3 it has an expression that states: "if child born dead to be stated here". Why would you have this kind of expression on this type of form when it is only to record a born event of an infant. (It is obvious that there is something else going on), which I am already aware of.

From further research into the birth certificate documents, I found out through the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995, that the term "BIRTH" meant absolutely "Stillbirth". When reading this clause the makers of the legislation have managed to insert the word "Includes". This kind of trickery deceives the reader to believe that the word include is only adding the word birth to something else. No the word "includes" inserted means to include one is to exclude the other. (Butterworths law dictionary NZ). So if they are going to include "birth" then there will be no other interpretation. And if it means "Stillbirth" then the whole of the nation needs to contact the Governor General Patsy Reddy a representative of Queen Elizabeth II, of this massive deception.

I urge the Department of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health who are the BDM, Births, Deaths and Marriages, who provide the legal structure frame work as to how to create serial numbers for each birth document to cease and desist this fraudulent commercial profit driven action. All eyes are on the actions of the people running the government under an American model framework. All eyes have been seeing the radical and drastic change in the mannerism of people acting in these agencies. I am urging you employees to Cease and Desist issuing out birth certificates, I am urging the people of the nation to stand up and do something about this fraud.

For your information, further continuous research is be done and now working on the Papal Bulls document Doctrine of Discovery, notices are being prepared to serve the Governor General Patsy Reddy, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, all her Ministers acting under her as Ministers of her agencies, the Commissioner for police and the Defence force.

There is so much evidence to prove that the laws you are operating do not and never did have any jurisdiction, authority and even authenticity meaning (Royal Assent by a real King) of the UK to be enforced over a people's of the nation. My interpretation of people's of the nation is our Chiefs of Tribes who signed the Declaration of Independence 1835, which was also published in the NSW Gazette page 580, given the Royal Assent by King William IV, who gifted a flag to the Chiefs providing them international recognition and alliances in the world of trade. The Crown Protectorates that are recorded in the UK archives confirm and declare in Perpetuity that native were to govern themselves and that no colonial Government were to ever have any authority over native Affairs except their own people.

However back to the birth certificate, which is an error, which does not provide identification of a real living breathing flesh and blood tribal native sentient woman. (none at all). This I can prove to all employees acting in these agencies. All accounts created in any names taken from the source document called the Particulars for Registration of birth of any individual must stop trading now. You have used the names as trade names, but they have been created through the process of someone else's name.

Yours faithfully,

My born given name as an infant breathed into this world is tina-marie-kahurangi: no surname given, recorded at all.

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80 documents were prepared on 26 November 2019 and sent by courier to the Honourable Dame Patsy Reddy and also Police Commissioner Michael Bush firstly. The documents contain the Crown Protectorates, International Protectorates, Declaration of Independence, Declaration of Standing, screenshots of the barcode and trading name, taken from my name, the trading name in the profile of the mymsd account and further important documents. It is to inform them that I my position in this country is to exercise my natural, inalienable, inherent rights to self determination, and to provide remedy to the financial loss caused by employees acting under the Government.

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