tina marie kahurangi made this Official Information request to Department of Internal Affairs

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From: tina marie kahurangi

Dear Department of Internal Affairs,

Notice to agent is notice to principal
Notice to principal is notice to agent

c/- department of internal affairs
New Zealand

Jeff Montgomery
Maria Robertson or to the responsible public servant;

I, :tina-marie-kahurangi: house of moke; is in possession of four BIRTH CERTIFICATES registration number: 1968119987;

I, am in possession of a copy of the SOURCE DOCUMENT RG27, known as “PARTICULARS REQUIRED FOR REGISTRATION OF BIRTH, registered on 28 November 1968; claiming a deceased estate;

I am in possession of a copy; of the CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH, registered on 29 November 1968; claiming me a “ward of the state”;

I am in possession of a copy of the “NOTIFICATION OF BIRTH” RG9, hospital shared details to the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, who then ordered the information to be posted to the Registrar of births, on 7 November 1968;

I demand that you release the original documents, which hold my private details, unless you can prove you have a higher claim?

Identification is attached

78 copies of documents

Authorized administrator & executor:
Power of Attorney:
Ariki Rangatira:

An email of this notice of information for release of original documents will also be sent;

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From: DIA Info
Department of Internal Affairs

Kia ora Tina

Births in New Zealand are required to be registered under the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 (the Act). Birth registration provides a source of demographic information and other matters important for government and an official record of births that can be used as evidence of those events and of age, identity, descent, whakapapa, and New Zealand citizenship. That Act also regulates access to that information recorded and the provision and effect of certificates. The Act supersedes any former Act or former Adoption Act.

Birth records are administered and maintained in accordance with the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act 1995 by the Department of Internal Affairs. The Act was passed by the New Zealand Parliament and received the Royal assent.

Birth records therefore belong to the New Zealand Government. Original birth documents do not get 'released' however as your email has shown you can get copies of them.

Ngâ Mihi
DIA Info Team
Kâwai ki te iwi | Service Delivery and Operations
Te Tari Taiwhenua |The Department of Internal Affairs

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