Mt Wellington Interchange improvements - crossings not yet activated

Damian Light made this Official Information request to Auckland Transport

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From: Damian Light

Dear Auckland Transport,

There has been a project underway to alter the SH1 motorway onramp at Mt Wellington (NOP1819-012b) which included the installation of two new light controlled pedestrian crossings.

It appeared that the majority of the work was completed in May/June 2021. However as of 26 April 2022 these crossings are not yet in operation. The related lights are inactive and the pedestrian crossing buttons do not function.

I would like to understand:
1) What was the original date for the commissioning for these crossings?
2) Has there been a delay to the commissioning for these crossings? If so, what was the cause of the delay? For clarity I would like the root cause and any contributing causes.
3) What is the new estimated date when these crossings will be commissioned?

Yours faithfully,

Damian Light

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