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From: Damian Light

Dear Auckland Transport,

I am looking for information on the Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements planned as part of AMETI (

I have previously been told (CAS-476713-C8Z6P1) that a signalised pedestrian crossing would be included at the intersection of Sylvia Park Road and Mt Wellington Highway.

"That this intersection is currently programmed to have signalised pedestrian crossings. It is envisaged that these works will start towards the end of 2018 and be completed by 2019."

Despite this, we have not yet seen any progress or had any updates.

I would like to see all documents that relate to
1. Current status on the Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements, including timelines (if known).
2. All plans and design documents relating to the proposed signalised pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Sylvia Park Road and Mt Wellington Highway.

Yours faithfully,

Damian Light

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From: AT Official Information (AT)
Auckland Transport

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Dear Mr Light


We acknowledge receipt of your request for official information dated 6
March 2019 regarding the Sylvia Park bus and cycling improvements.


We are processing your request according to the provisions of the Local
Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. You will receive a
response within 20 working days after the receipt of your request by
Auckland Transport, as required by the Act. The expected due date for a
response is 3 April 2019.Please note this is the maximum response time and
we will endeavour to respond to you sooner.


If you have any further queries, please contact me on (09) 355 3553 during
business hours, quoting Local Government Official Information request
number CAS-999990-K9Y2V8.


Kind regards


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