Covid Support Payment March

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From: Raja

Dear Inland Revenue Department,


For the covid support payment march 2022 are you comparing impacted period for 7 days from 5 Jan 2021/22 to 15 feb 2021/22 or you taking an average of 6 weeks earnings.

if I earn 1000$ during between 5 jan to 12 jan 2021/22 and
2000$ between 12 jan to 19 jan 21/22

are you taking average between both are you considering the lowest ?

How many covid support payments are declined so far?

what's the average processing time for Covid support payments.

Yours faithfully,


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From: oia
Inland Revenue Department

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Good afternoon Raja,

Please find a response to your recent OIA request regarding Covid-19
Support Payments.


Kind regards,

Governance & Ministerial Services


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