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Joshua Rogers made this Official Information request to Hamilton City Council

The request was successful.

From: Joshua Rogers

Dear Hamilton City Council,

I am writing to request the following information:

1. A list of all CCTV cameras owned OR operated by the Hamilton City Council, or any Council Controlled Organisations (CCO's).

2. A list of all CCTV cameras operated by CitySafe.

3. A list of all cameras used for Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) within Hamilton.

4. A list of all cameras used by traffic enforcement e.g. red light, or speed cameras within Hamilton.

5. If possible, the brand & type of camera at each location. (e.g, Axis PTZ 360)

For each of the above points, please provide an Excel spreadsheet containing at minimum, the camera name/id, camera location (street address or intersection).

Yours faithfully,

Joshua Rogers

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From: official information
Hamilton City Council

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Kia Ora,


I refer to your information request below, Hamilton City Council is able
to provide the following response.


Your Requests Our Responses
1.      A list of all CCTV cameras Hamilton City Council operates 514 CCTV
owned OR operated by the Hamilton or security cameras.  This is made up
City Council, or any Council of 159 public facing cameras and 355
Controlled Organisations (CCO's) CCTV cameras in Council facilities.


Attached to this response is a
spreadsheet that lists the CCTV cameras
owned and operated by Hamilton City
Council, including locations, of CCTV
cameras that are used to surveil
outdoor public spaces.


Council monitors 28 cameras which are
owned by Waka Kotahi New Zealand
Transport Agency.  These cameras are
identified in orange in the spreadsheet
referred to in Response 2 above.


The footage from these cameras can be
publicly accessed via the NZTA website
to assist with journey planning.
2.      A list of all CCTV cameras City Safe is a unit / team within
operated by City Safe. Hamilton City Council. Therefore, the
list above is the same for this
3.      A list of all cameras used There is one City Transport vehicle
for Automatic Number Plate which is fitted with a camera capable
Recognition (ANPR) within Hamilton of licence plate recognition.  This
vehicle is used for completing parking
surveys (a survey used to determine how
“full” street parking is) on behalf of
 4. A list of all cameras used by The purpose of the cameras is
traffic enforcement e.g. red determined by the headings on the
light, or speed cameras within spreadsheet.  Unless identified as
Hamilton. being Transport cameras, all other
cameras are for the purposes of
enhancing security and safety in the
city.  Transport cameras provided by
Waka Kotahi New Zealand are shown in
 5. If possible, the brand & type Please find requested information in
of camera at each location. Attached document.
(e.g, Axis PTZ 360)



You have the right to seek an investigation and review by the Ombudsman of
this decision. Information about how to make a complaint is available at
[1] or freephone 0800 802 602.


Kind Regards,




Tatiyana | Official Information & Legal Support Advisor

Legal Services & Risk | People and Organisational Performance

Email: [2][Hamilton City Council request email]


[3]Hamilton City Council


Hamilton City Council | Private Bag 3010 | Hamilton 3240 |
[5] us on Facebook
[7] us on Twitter




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