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Mr M J Edmonds made this Official Information request to Far North District Council

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From: Mr M J Edmonds

Dear Far North District Council,

Can you please tell me what powers have been delegated to the Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board under s53 of the Local Government Act 2002? Can you also please supply a copy of the relevant council resolutions?

Yours faithfully,

Mr M J Edmonds

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Far North District Council

Good Morning

Thank you for contacting us at the Far North District Council.

I have forwarded your request to the Legal team for a response.

Kind Regards

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From: Robert Manuel
Far North District Council

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Dear Mr Edmonds,


In respect of the above request I am advised that on 31.3.2011 the Council
approved delegations to Community Boards via the following resolution:


" THAT the schedule of delegations for Community Boards attached to the
report and being document number A740412, subject to the following changes
be adopted.

i) Clause 5 being amended to read: "To hold or be involved in hearings as
determined by the Council, in respect of submissions made to plans and
strategies pertinent to their communities.

ii) Clause 8 being amended to read: "To recommend new or reviewed Reserve
Management Plans for adoption and be involved in the hearing of
submissions to such plans.

iii) Proposed Clause 14 be deleted."


And I have been provided with the attached schedule.


Yours sincerely,


Robert Manuel

Legal Services Manager

Corporate Services

Far North District Council

Ph. 09 401 5200 or 0800 920 029

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