Multi-Unit Building Consnets

David Hawkins made this Official Information request to Christchurch City Council

Response to this request is long overdue. By law Christchurch City Council should have responded by now (details and exceptions). You can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: David Hawkins

Dear Christchurch City Council,

We are submitting a FOIA request under the LOGIMA 1987 and the OIA 1982
Can you please supply full copies of the Property Files and Building consents (Issued or Pending) for the following properties:

No 30 Hills Road, Edgeware, Canterbury – Multi-Unit Development
No 50 Hills Road, Edgeware, Canterbury – Multi-Unit Development
No 51 Hills Road, Edgeware, Canterbury – Multi-Unit Development
No 150 Hills Road, Edgeware, Canterbury – Multi-Unit Development
No 160 Hills Road, Edgeware, Canterbury – Multi-Unit Development

The information we require as part of the request is to include the following but not be limited to:

=Completed building permit and consent information
=Drainage plans relating to consented work copies of plans and specifications code =compliance certificates
=Project information memoranda (PIMs)
=Planning reports
=Resource consent documentation and decisions
=Associated documents
=Property inspection reports

However, we do not require copies of the LIM for the above properties.

Reason for Request:
Compare the plans as consented and proposed against what is currently being built and or laid out on-site; we believe this to be in the public’s interest to ensure a compliant dwelling/buildings are being constructed

We accept that in some instances the consented documents may not be (CCC emphasis) ‘Publically Available’ as they may not have been scanned onto your offsite retrieval system.

However, under part 3 of the Public Records Act 2005 (The Act), public offices and local authorities have special obligations to ensure members of the public can access information and records. Further to this, Under section 47 of the Act, the public must be able to inspect all public records classified as “open access” (that is, no restrictions are placed on their use). Such inspection must occur when a member of the public requests it, or as soon as “reasonably” practicable, and must be free of charge.

With all due consideration, we ask that the requested information be made available within the statutory 20 day period.

Yours faithfully,

David Hawkins

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