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From: Scott

Dear New Zealand Police,

This is a request for certain Police documents mentioned in the March 15 Royal Commission of Inquiry report and relating to the Ti21 Police Intelligence development programme.

From the Royal Commission report I request these documents:

ONE: The report notes that:

“In 2016, a New Zealand Police intelligence report, New Zealand’s Islamist Extremist Landscape, stated that more New Zealanders were vulnerable to extremist messaging due to the pervasive nature of Dā’ish’s propaganda…”

I request a copy of this report

TWO: I request a copy of the May 2018 report titled “National Security Situation Update: Ramadan 2018.”

THREE: The report notes that:

“There is currently no new nationwide policy in place regarding inquiries into right-wing extremism with respect to an applicant for a firearms licence, although two Districts have issued guidance for staff. The guidance material produced by the two Districts was originally an intelligence product developed by, and shared within, New Zealand Police.”

I request copies of the guidance material issued in the two Districts. I also request a copy of the intelligence product which informed this guidance.

FOUR: I request a copy of the Police National Security Strategy. If the Police Counter-Terrorism Strategy is a separate document, I request a copy of this as well.

FIVE: I request a copy of the NZSIS-Police Relationship Strategy

And relating to the Ti21 Police Intelligence development programme, I request:

ONE: The April 2019 Ti21 Programme Brief (V1.1) states that:

“We will establish a quarterly and annual review assessment to measure our performance, track our impacts and refresh an annual action plan to drive continuous improvement.”

I request copies of the most recent Ti21 quarterly and annual reviews. I also request a copy of the most recent Ti21 annual action plan.

TWO: I request copies of any speaking notes for, or minutes or other contemporaneous notes taken at the Police-led February 2019 Criminal Intelligence Advisory Group annual Priority Threat Assessment meeting. If any decision paper, action plan or other report was produced by Police as a result of this meeting, I request a copy.

THREE: I request a copy of the Police Vulnerabilities and Opportunities Assessment reported to the Criminal Intelligence Advisory Group in 2019. For clarity, this is the assessment referred to in the schedule of tasks appended to the April 2019 brief: “CIAG: Complete vulnerabilities and opportunities assessment and report to CIAG and SPOC - June 2019.”

FOUR: The April 2019 brief states that:

“We will lead engagement at a strategic level with NZIC and by Oct 2019 we will agree an ‘intelligence profession’ action plan that focuses on a system approach. Our continued engagement with international partners will enable the identification of our vulnerabilities and opportunities for our FVEYS partners to prioritise and create an on-going action plan by Dec 2019.”

I request copies of both the ‘intelligence profession’ and ‘international partners’ action plans referred to here.

FIVE: The brief also states that an “options paper for an enhanced data scanning platform” would be finalised by April 2019. I request a copy of this paper.

SIX: A 2020 Ti21 document highlights the need to invest in “universal search and analytical tools” to enable more effective use and integration of Police datasets. If an options paper or Business Case exists for the procurement of such tools, I request a copy.

Yours faithfully,


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From: Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police

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Kia ora Scott


I acknowledge receipt of your Official Information Act 1982 (OIA) request
below, received by New Zealand Police on 1 June 2021.


Your request is being actioned pursuant to the OIA.


You can expect a response to your request on or before 30 June 2021.


Ngā mihi

Ministerial Services
New Zealand Police National Headquarters Wellington

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