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Callaghan Innovation IP Programme and IP services

Simon Waalkens made this Official Information request to Callaghan Innovation

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From: Simon Waalkens

Dear Callaghan Innovation,

This is a request for official information pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982, as follows.

1. Please share any information Callaghan Innovation has relevant to support or justify a need to provide the Innovation IP programme, “Innovation IP Services” or a similar programme next year.

2. Please advise whether this information has not been made publically available, and if not why not?

3. Does Callaghan Innovation have any information on any specific intellectual property services that New Zealand businesses may benefit from but are not being accessed by New Zealand businesses? If so, why has this information not been made publicly available?

4. Please outline any work performed and information gathered by Callaghan Innovation to assess what Intellectual Property related services already exist in the New Zealand market and how well these services are being accessed by businesses.

5. Does the Innovation IP programme involve Callaghan Innovation selecting Intellectual Property service providers to provide services to New Zealand businesses with those services being co-funded by Callaghan Innovation? If so, please explain how Callaghan Innovation is qualified in the interests of New Zealand businesses to select a restricted group of IP service providers from a wider group of IP service providers that may apply to be included in the programme?

6. Has Callaghan Innovation held, at any time, information identifying specific intellectual property related services that may be needed by New Zealand businesses, to support the Innovation IP programme or a similar programme next year being needed? If so, has this information been published, and if not why not?

7. Has Callaghan Innovation made a decision on whether or not it should offer financial support through the Innovation IP programme or similar programme next year if intellectual property service providers in New Zealand offer equivalent services in competition to the programme, whether before the programme next year commences or afterwards? If so, please share the decision.

8. Has Callaghan Innovation already engaged with any Intellectual Property providers to design the programme proposed for next year? If so, please identify these service providers.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Waalkens

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From: Ministerial Services
Callaghan Innovation

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Dear Simon,
Please find attached our response to your request (originally sent to you
on 5 March in response to your direct email). 

Kind regards,

Ministerial Services

Rukuhia te wāhi ngaro, hei maunga tātai whetū.

Explore the unknown, Pursue excellence.


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Simon Waalkens please sign in and let everyone know.

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