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IP Expert NZ made this Official Information request to Callaghan Innovation

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From: IP Expert NZ

Dear Callaghan Innovation,

Please provide an historic overview of all financial support in the last years, provided to CDC, Powerhouse and/or the Powerhouse supported businesses

This should be broken down into:

- Direct support to CDC / Powerhouse
- Indirect support to the CDC / Powerhouse' businesses (repayable loans, project grants & growth grants).

Yours faithfully,

IP Expert NZ

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From: Claire Cohen
Callaghan Innovation

This email is to acknowledge receipt of your Official Information request.


Your request will be considered and an answer provided in accordance with
the requirements of the Official Information Act 1982 on or before 18
September 2017.


Yours sincerely

Ministerial Services  


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To ensure compliance with legal requirements and to maintain cyber
security standards, our IT systems are subject to ongoing monitoring,
activity logging and auditing. This monitoring and auditing service may be
provided by third parties. Such third parties can access information
transmitted to, processed by and stored on our IT systems.

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From: Ministerial Services
Callaghan Innovation

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Dear IP Expert

Please refer to our response attached

Ministerial Services

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