Cost of monstrosity on site of Paul Irons murder - by local cop's son:

Katherine Raue made this Official Information request to South Wairarapa District Council

Response to this request is long overdue. By law South Wairarapa District Council should have responded by now (details and exceptions). The requester can complain to the Ombudsman.

From: Katherine Raue

Dear South Wairarapa District Council,

I hereby request ALL information regarding the so called "work of art" by Konstantin Dimopoulos which was installed in Featherston - apparently on the site of the murder of Paul Irons ( - please confirm that it's the same site too). Many people have contacted me to voice their disgust at the installation, several of them saying it reminds them of the sticks that the local cop's son and his mates poked up their victim's bum.

This request is for ALL information associated with the 'sculpture' including the following:

The 'sculpture' was reported to have cost $40,000 which seems to be a nice round figure - it seems to be massively overpriced also! How much exactly DID it cost to purchase?

Please itemise ALL other costs associated with this monstrosity, such as installation, maintenance, costs associated with consultation, etc.

I've been contacted by a number of people who say they made submissions against this monstrosity - I request copies of all the submissions regarding the 'sculpture'.

How many rods have now been removed - it was 14 at the last count - we request ALL information about the removal of the rods, etc.

Please provide ALL copies of ALL correspondence with the so called 'artist' and any responses received.

Katherine Raue

Yours faithfully,

Katherine Raue

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